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In Human Resource Management, “recruitment” is the practice of finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for the job openings at a timely and cost-effective manner. The company should promote the involvement of employees in the steps of the recruitment process, and one way to do this is to establish and maintain a powerful employee referral program. Rather than focusing only on the outside.

A recruitment process is a procedure for identifying the vacancy of tasks, assessing business demands, reviewing screening, applying shortlisting and selecting the appropriate candidate.

Obviously, the main reason for applying the recruitment process is to search for those individuals who are most eligible for positions within the company, and who can help them meet organizational objectives. However, there are various reasons why recruitment is important for the organization.


What are the 10 ideal steps of recruitment process?

Steps of Recruitment Process

Identification of job requirements:

It is mandatory to know what you are looking for. As HR personnel, it has an important role in finding out the basic need of the job for the organization. Therefore, you should know the job description of the last person who had left the job. New or additional responsibilities can be added which are to be included in the current job opening.

If you answer the following questions before planning the steps of the recruitment process, then it would be best to:
• Why is a new employee required?
• What will be the duties and liabilities of the new employee?
• What skills and experience are needed for the role?

Planning the steps of the recruitment process :

After identifying the exact job requirement, it is now time to find out what the plan needs. It should also be ensured that the department is aware of the job description where the new candidate will be hired. Because even a miss out can be a big problem for everyone.


steps of recruitment process



Many companies overlook this recruitment measure, but it’s vital to look at your candidate’s history to make sure they’re all they claim to be. It’s better to be careful than being sorry later.


Finding qualified candidates:

As an HR personnel, once you get the application from the candidates, it is time to evaluate it. Finding the right candidate is the most challenging task as it involves identifying and evaluating all applications received. Apart from this, obviously, you have to make sure that you are picking up the right candidate according to the job requirement and job description.


Telephonic Interview Process:

One telephonic interview is the first conversation with the candidate. This is done as a preliminary selection process where you select the candidate by holding an interview on the telephone. Here, you mainly identify the candidate’s communication skills, confidence, necessary information and understanding of the job. This is also the stage where the time and date are agreed on the appointment or the appointment for a personal interview.

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Personal Interview process:

In this phase, a candidate is called on a decision and consent is given for a one-on-one interview at one place. This is the first time when an interviewer and a candidate meet. This is the time when an interviewer and candidates meet and questions related to jobs are asked.

The candidate is advised to use such equipment where such cases are posted and they are beneficial. For example, if you know about the interview questions and answers, you will find many interview questions and answers related to job interviews.


What are the 10 ideal steps of recruitment process?


To test the merit efficiency, it is evaluated in the work that requires technical skills. It may include written examination or situational based questions for the candidate’s knowledge and speed. For example, for the requirement of Microsoft Excel knowledge, jobs for a technical situation, responsibility for a software programmer, work for a software developer. All these jobs are professional jobs and require some level of qualification to perform better.



Job offering:

Offering a job is one that is to handle carefully because the result can be unpredictable. Either the candidate will accept the proposal and join the company, or the candidate may allow the offer of an existing job which can already be done.

Reference Check:

This measure follows the information provided by the candidate through his resume and personal interview. Outside, the response to the candidate is likely to be real and advance.

A reference should be relevant. It should be included in a former (recently) manager. If the appropriate reference has not yet been supplied, then ask for the manager before the candidate. Do not be afraid to check.


Final hiring, onboarding, and completion:

In addition to the expectations of very good onboarding practices, business culture, knowledge and behaviour should make your brand new renovations comfortable.

As a result, new workers are adjusted in the workforce of the office, helping them to make successful and productive additions for a short period of time. It is a great idea to reach the employees before you start.

To make onboarding more effective, many firms send emails to the Hiring Supervisor and inform them at the moment before the new recruiting.



A well planned and thoughtfully prepared to recruit measurement helps in hiring employees so that ideal candidates can be filtered fast while focusing on qualified candidates for maximum conversion.

The recruitment process not only reflects the professionalism of the company but also helps in attracting ideal type candidates while preserving the money and time spent on recognizing, attracting, engaging, recruiting and retaining talentis.

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