Scope for jobs in the USA after MS in CS

The basic idea of going to the US is to get a better quality of life, no matter in which you originate. Having said this, why folks struggle to stay in the US, apart from remaining in their home states?  Working abroad sounds like an adventure to many folks.  However, it requires thorough preparation, beginning with a successful application.  We will come later to What is the scope for jobs in the USA after MS in CS?. You must go through this succinct guide that will assist you with your application procedure.  For more in-depth info, you should consult the complete guide on the United States of America.

Why everyone wants to go to the united states for jobs?

Well, It is #1 – dollar’s purchasing power in the US, and a very clean and translucent day daily lives, making it appealing for a fair tax paying person.  Plain and simple – if you do not wish to work and wash your own shit, mow the yard and do the laundry, vacuum the entire house, and should you have servants and maids doing this back home, please don’t go to united states and pressure yourself and cry, return – yes that’s pure and easy.

Job opportunities in united states after completing MS in computer science

Application procedure in the USA

Carefully examine any job listings you come across before applying.  It’s also a fantastic idea to cast a wide net by applying to some jobs you’ll be able to find yourself in–even in the event, you don’t fulfil all the requirements.  At worst, you’ll be turned down and in the best, you’ll get an interview!

The Internet is the principal source for vacancies and advice regarding project applications.  Search services such as LinkedIn and even Craigslist may be integral in your work search.  But, avoid using job search services which charge you a commission.  Most reputable services are at no cost.

Management culture in the United States

The Organizational culture in American businesses is firmly result orientated. Businesses are focused on immediate Outcomes And short term gains. Workers are inspired by their own companies And there’s not much direct criticism in either way.  A program is usually distributed prior to a meeting. The Aim of most discussions is to The long-term connection is immaterial at This Moment.

Americans are really about a first-name foundation with Every other from the start. To gain more knowledge about working in united states please see the working in the USA guide for students looking to study in the USA. It is one of a larger study in the united states advice centre for students from all around the world.

Why should educated, young Indians go to the US and work for them?

Can I get a job after MS in the USA? How much will it cost to do MS in the United States?

The USA has the world’s biggest international student population, with over 1,000,000 students deciding to expand their education and lifetime experience in the United States.  Almost 5 per cent of all pupils enrolled in for-profit schooling in the USA are graduate students, and the figures are steadily increasing.

In the mid-1950s, when international student registration was just hitting 35,000, global schooling in the USA has some ways.

What is the scope for jobs in USA after MS in CS?

At the United States, job openings refer to the places which are available (not stuffed ) in the last business day of this month.   The survey gathers information from about 16400 confirm establishments such as manufacturers and retailers, as well as national, state, and local government entities from the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The JOLTS assesses the unmet need for labour in the U.S. labour market and gained focus in 2014 as preferred labour market index of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.

This webpage provides the most recent reported value for United States Job Openings – plus earlier releases, historic low and high, short-term prediction and long-term forecast, economic calendar, questionnaire consensus, and information.  United States Job Openings – real data, historic calendar and chart of releases – has been last updated in March of 2019.

Is doing MS IN USA worth the benefit

Generally, studying from the US, you learn many things. Be it time management, professional approach, positive outlook, seriousness, independent thinking, decision-making skills, increase in confidence, strong work ethics, value for money, people skills, modern technique. You learn a lot, as the culture is professional. The people there want the work done and no wastage of staffing requirements.

However, it is expensive. Emotionally and financially, how?

As you stay away from your family and friends. You will miss many festivals and occasions with family and friends. You will spend time studying and build your career in a far country. You will basically invest time.

Financially if you see, you will easily spend somewhere around 25-35 lakhs on an average (depending on USD rate) on your education and living expenses.

In simple math, if you have to break even your 25-35 lakhs which is the total cost of your education. After 2 years of completing your education, you have a loan of 25-35 lakhs.

Time to repay or break even depends on the salary you get paid after your education.

Let’s say that you have got a job of 100k USD/per year average salary.

You will pay appx 30% of that in taxes in the US. This figure may change with the change in government policies.

Other Misc expenses of 30% including food, living, rent, etc. You are now left with 40% of your salary, appx 40 thousand USD.

It’s easy to replay or break even if you save the most during the first year. If you save 20 thousand USD. In INR (1usd = 70 INR) you have 14 lakhs rupees.

Looking at this figure, you can easily repay your educational loan or borrowing. It may take 1-1.5years to repay all or breakeven. Now, let’s say 2 years you have breakeven.

Then you can start building up your wealth, try to save 3-4k$/ month comes to 20-30lks INR in 2 years appx and that too in a normal condition with an average salary. It’s worth the effort; you can then buy house, car, get married, best is to build assets in India while working in the US, you know that the rent or property rice increases year by year.

You will have good cash flow and backup for yourself, this will be the best plan benefits of working in the United States.

Benefits of working in the United States

The Nation Is Basically secure, which is guaranteed from the biggest armed forces on the planet and naturally local police forces.

The capacity to do everything you need in life – alter your economic position, livelihood, etc.

A fairly great justice system

A fairly good system of the neighbourhood to national authorities – distinct counties, states may have distinct legislation, but under national legislation.

Any qualified (changes in the desirable office or place ) person can take part in government.

Uses Fantastic money (that the United States Dollar, which can be used around the world)

What is the scope for jobs in USA after MS in CS?


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Other Benefits of working in the United States

At the end of the OPT interval (Contemplating two years), you may have returned your loan cash.

In the event you do not get citizenship there, then try different nations.

I believe it’s still easier to visit Canada in the US compared to India.

If you’re made to store, cook and do everything in your here. That is a fantastic thing.  I believe It makes you separate.  These are a few essential matters in your life which you have to know about.

The 9-5 project is much better here in the USA than in India.

Employers admire you for your job that you do at the time period in united states. Moreover, you have the freedom to leave at 5 pm here from the USA. In India, companies would like you to work until late night no matter the fact your job is finished.

Why you should not go to the US


If you have scored below 290/280 do not do to the US. If the score is below 300 don’t go to the US. Reason for that is the university you will get admission will be not worth or may be blacklisted. And it’s not worth to get admission on those universities as the job will also be not worthy post your education.

If you are above 30 years or married

You are above yrs and married, don’t go to the US as the family, children are there, there may be educational loan also. Your mind will also be diverted, hence such people should stay in India. If you still want to go to the US make sure that you do all the planning and budgeting well. Cause, if you are gone, there is no coming back soon.

Check your goals

If not sure about which field you have to study. You end up taking the course which is not in demand and hence your money will go waste and you won’t get a good job or will have a problem finding the job.

Job Timings

A 9-5  job may be really tiring for some people, sometime you will be working from 9-9. That is the reason the US is hiring the young professional. Hence, if you are not the kind of person who can work from 9-5, don’t go. In general most of the jobs are 9-5.

Part Time Income

If you are thinking of working part-time and earn a small living, don’t go. You can’t do any part-time job in the US as you are not on a work permit.


I hope this topic of What is the scope for jobs in the USA after MS in CS? Is now clear in your mind and you have a clear understanding of the process.

If you have any questions related to Scope for jobs in the USA after MS in CS, please comment below.


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