What is a Relieving Letter Format, Mail, Sample & for a Job Employee

What is a relieving letter?

Relieving Letter: A relieving letter may be a formal letter that is issued to an employee at the time of leaving a corporation. It is an official document for communicating with the worker that the resignation has been accepted. A relieving letter is required at the time of joining a replacement company. It should mention the on-board time in which the worker has no dues with the organization, as per the standard relieving letter format.

A relieving letter may be a sort of legal document provided to an employee on resignation, confirming that he/she has been relieved of duty. Relieving letters are often requested by the new employer to make sure that the worker completed his/her notice period and left the previous employer after completing all necessary formalities.

Meaning of a relieving letter

Reliving letter means “allowing to go.”

A relieving letter is issued by the concerned department, authority, or organization, and it refers to “Allowing to go.” A relieving order letter may be a formal letter that is issued to an employee at the time of leaving a corporation. It is a structured way to confirm that the worker has left the organization and that the company has accepted his or her resignation. A relieving letter is required when the worker has got to join a replacement organization.


Within the relieving letter candidate’s job role and current salary should be mentioned also it should be mentioned that the worker has settled all the dues with the organization.

Infosys letter

Infosys letter

When and how to use the relieving letter?

The relieving letter is issued to an employee by the organization on the last working day upon receipt of the resignation letter from the worker. This document has got to be printed on the letterhead of the corporate and signed by the authorized authority could also be the HR manager or head. The HR manager issues a relieving letter as an official document to the employee after the resignation of the worker has been accepted.

Why is the relieving letter issued?

These letters are addressed to the employee as an official document, who is leaving the organization. The letter is issued on a company letterhead on the last date of employment. Before giving the relieving letter, the HR department can ask the worker to urge a clearance certificate from his or her head.

The clearance certificate is vital because the accounting department of the corporate can issue final dues and employee payments. So, the employer first obtains a resignation letter from an employee.

In most cases, a relieving letter might be provided to the new employer, confirming that the worker left employment after completing all the necessary formalities.

How do you write a relieving letter?

Since there are companies that give you a relieving letter certificate on your own, there still exist organizations that await your request. To proceed with the application, you ought to invite a relieving letter during a very formal and professional tone.


Mr. / Ms. _________

Human Resource Department

Dear Sir / Madam,

Further to my relieving date on _________from my responsibilities of the _________ company.
I have completed my exit clearance process, as advised, with the company on the same day, but I did not receive my relieving letter to date.

Hence, I would like to request you to please process and send my relieving letter certificate to either on my email address as given ___________or courier to me at ____________ (address)

Thanking you for your support

Thanks & Regards

(Name & Signature)



How do I write a letter of relieving to HR?

Below are examples showcasing how to ask for a relieving certificate from your organization.

Dear (Sir/ Madam/Name)

This is to request you that I’m looking forward to receive my relieving letter from ________________. I resigned from the company on (date) and completed all my formalities applicable. I have served the notice period of three months and my last working day with the company was (date).

I even have worked with sheer dedication for 3 years in your esteemed organization and that I would be very grateful if you would do the needful at earliest

I would appreciate it if you provide the letter asap as I want to submit the letter to my new organization. I hope you’ll consider the matter and send me the acceptable at earliest.

Thank you and regards



How long does it take to get a relieving letter?

Ideally, it should not take long. If you have asked for a reliving letter during your notice period, it is most likely that you will receive it by the time your notice period ends. However, if you have resigned from the company a long time ago and have not claimed a reliving letter yet, then it may take longer.

It may then take somewhere from 1 week to 4 weeks. It all depends on the employer to employer.

Can we join without a relieving letter?

A relieving letter or a reliving certificate is required to join the next organization. It is an essential document for an individual to provide in his or her future organization. Your relieving letter from the previous employer shows that you have cleared all the dues and do not have any unfinished work there.

It also helps the organizations to be sure that the person who is resigning is relieved from his or her duties and is not holding any company’s data or private property.

Job Letter Format

Job Letter Format

What is the format of a relieving letter?

How to write a relieving letter format: A relieving letter format is a documented request form by an employee to the employer stating that he/ she has submitted their resignation. And he/she requests the organization to formally issue a relieving letter. An employee can also request early issuance so that the letter can be used as a reference for searching for new jobs.

Job relieving letter format contains employees working period and date, time of relieving from their duties. If there’s a notice period, then the worker should work for the notice period to urge the relieving letter.

In reference to your resignation, a relieving letter is given by the company after your employment ends. Often termed as an experience letter, it’s an important document that is required to proceed with other organizations who just in case of background formalities.

The relieving letter format is important because it contains the joining date, CTC details, last working day details, and extra relevant information, which help a candidate to urge an offer letter from the future organization.

Job Relieving Letter Format


18th March 2019



Employee Name
Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
City, State, PIN

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear Employee Name,

This is in further regard to your resignation letter dated 18th Feb 2019 wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on 18th March 2019. We wish you inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you’re being relieved from your position of _______________ with company name with effect from 18th March 2019.

Your final settlement would be processed and credited within the next 45 days to the account provided during your employment. We appreciate your contributions to the name and the company and we wish you all the best for your future endeavors. 



HR Manager


Job Relieving letter Format


Employee Name
Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
City, State, PIN

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear Employee Name,

This is in furtherance to your resignation letter dated 15th March 2018 wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on 15th April 2018. We wish you inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you are being relieved from your position of Senior Associate with Company Name with effect from 15th April 2018.

Your full and final settlement would be processed and credited in the next 45 days to the account provided during your employment. We appreciate your contributions to Company Name and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.




HR Manager

Relieving Letter Sample


Abram Joshi
234 West 39th Place
Kolkatta, India
Contact: +91 756xxxxxxxxx
E-Mail: abxxxxx@gmail.com
Date: DD, MM, YY

Sub: Relieving Letter

Dear Abram,

This is in regard to your resignation dated March 05, 2020, wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on March 31, 2020. We wish to tell you that your resignation has been accepted and you shall be relieved from your duties as Manager – Operations, post serving notice period, with effect from March 31, 2020.

 We would also want to verify that your full & final settlement would be cleared within the next 30 days with the organization. We appreciate your contributions made to the organization and need you all the simplest for your future endeavors.

HR Manager



Relieving Letter Sample

The Human Resource

Dear Sir / Madam

Sub:- Requesting issue of Relieving-Letter.

This is with regard to my resignation from (ABD) company, as on DD/MM/YY. I request you to kindly issue me the relieving-letter. My tenure with XYZ has been from Date so far. During my occupy XYZ, I was fortunate to possess the skills and had the opportunity to experience a great working environment with my colleagues and seniors.

I also gained professional knowledge and did my best to provide my knowledge and experience to the company, as I even have learned immensely. Due to some personal reasons, I’m having to maneuver ahead, and hence I have decided on this decision of resignation.

Request you to kindly issue me the experience certificate / Resignation – Letter, which will facilitate in smoothing the transition process.

Thank you once again for providing a chance to work with XYZ and will be forever grateful for the wonderful experiences I had here.

I will be available on my phone : +91-########## and email : username@domain for any reference or communication.

Best Regards,


Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter Format

Can a company refuse to give a relieving letter?

Yes! A company can refuse to give a relieving letter as they have the right to deny issuing a relieving certificate. There are sudden cases when an employer refuses to accept the resignation offered by the staff who might be not completing the notice period. It can also happen where the company can stop the actual employee for any reason deemed fit.

Can I get a relieving letter after absconding?

No, If you were fleeing, it means that you have not provided the required notice period to the company. This is where your employee and employer contract comes in. Your agreement is the guide, which has it mentioned that you have to serve a notice period to the company.

Also, in case of you being absconding, you have not provided a proper handover to the reporting manager. Hence, the company has the right not to issue a reliving letter in case you been absconding.

Can the company hold a relieving letter?

Yes! A company can hold a relieving letter as they have the right to keep or deny issuing a relieving certificate. It can happen where the company can stop the actual employee for any reason deemed fit.

Is the experience letter and relieving letter the same?

There is a difference between an experience letter and a relieving letter. A relieving letter may be a document issued to the worker once he or she resigns from the organization. In the relieving letter, the HR department of the organization confirms the worker about the resignation date in the message. Also, it informs the final date or the last date of employment.

Whereas an experience letter states what experience you have got and, therefore, the time duration from starting till ending. It also helps as proof and helps the worker further in his or her career.

Relieving letter format for school teacher

relieving letter format for school teacher

relieving letter format for school teacher

How do you ask for a job relieving letter?

Request for relieving letter after resignation:

Requests for relieving letter after resignation can be done via a formal request. This can be done by writing a letter, or an email addressed to the HR department of the organization. When an employee resigns from employment and he/ she then has got to work for a notice period as per the term of the agreement in their appointment letter.

They then write a letter to the HR department of the company to issue them a relieving letter and an experienced certificate as a symbol for accepting their resignation.

Application for relieving letter is a form that is to be filled by the employee and should be submitted along with the resignation so that the company accepts their resignation and issues a formal letter to relieve them from their corresponding duties.

Several MNCs are when recruiting a new employee, they are asking for relieving letter from the employee’s previous company. A relieving letter is a proof that the employee has left his/ her old job.

Why do companies ask for a relieving letter? Is a relieving letter important?

If you do not have a recent relieving letter, then there’ll be more chances of the application being dropped, whether you’re a possible candidate or not. The employers mostly want to understand at the initial level that whether or not you’ve got been relieved from your last assignment, which there are not any pending engagements together with your last employer.

Indian companies have now started removing the candidates having fudged resumes and preventing fraudulent. It requires a vigilant eye and a reliable method for background screening. Filtering such candidates at the time of the interview helps them to refrain from the activities of theft, embezzlement, violence, injury, and harassment. 

They were ultimately resulting from mitigating the risks of potential lawsuits as an outcome of negligent hiring.

If the company not giving a relieving letter, what to do?

In case the organization is not providing the relieving letter format, follow the pointers:

  • Drop an email mentioning your concerns in a polite way. Mention your tenure and, if required, specify your reporting manager.
  • Mark the mail to the HR team or concerned authorities just in case the matter does not solve.
  • Check that all the mentioned formalities in your employer-employee agreement are completed with the organization. If not, raise any pending formalities which could block a smooth process.
  • Save payslips and screenshots of your job profile just in case you are not getting the relieving letter. Also, you can attempt to convince your next employer about bank statements and other proofs you will provide.
  • Visit the corporate and ask HR personally.
  • Send the reminder emails during a week and keep your communication ongoing.
  • If the employer denies giving it in a hard copy, attempt to get it on emails as both works as long as you have the required details in it.


When you are looking for a relieving letter certificate from your previous organization. Express your sincerity towards the organization and clearly state the requirement. Keep the tone formal and be transparent. Take a while to gather these valuable documents beforehand and provides a realistic timeline to your employer.


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