What is the recruitment process? how it is different than selection?

What is the recruitment process?

Every company or industry requires the candidates to work for them. In Human Resource Management, recruitment is known as the process of recruiting the most qualified candidates. Recruitment is also called the process of finding and filling the vacancy in a company or an organization. The recruitment process helps the organization to select candidates with the capabilities. These are essential for achieving the most essential purpose of a company.

recruitment process

What is the recruitment process

How does the recruitment process help in selecting the right candidate:

To select the right candidate, the organization has to go through three main processes. Three ways are given below:

Recognition of Space:

Identifying the vacancy is the first process. The identification process will allow you to go through all vacant seats in every department in the company. The exact number of posts to be filled is ascertained. This process will also help every person who is going to work in this process so that they can know their duties that they have to perform during the recruitment process.

After specifying the duties, the sourcing manager will identify every post and will confirm what status is needed, along with full-time and part-time jobs. This is the most important process that is necessary before recruiting.

Job Description:

Job analysis is another process in which the duties and responsibilities are analyzed. In this, all demands are identified with the necessary job that what the employee needs to accomplish the productivity of the job.

The most important factor in the success of the recruitment process is the job description. The job description will provide you with information about responsibilities and job status. The job description will give the organization the idea that what needs to be done to keep a candidate hired by the company.

The job description should be based on the following points:-

  • Skills required
  • Experience required
  • Qualification required
  • Qualities required
  • Knowledge required

Recruitment Strategy:

Recruitment strategy is the second process in the recruitment process. In this process, the organization prepares a strategy for the recruitment process. After identifying the vacancy and job description, it comes down to the view that how the company needs to perform during the recruitment of candidates.

This recruitment strategy is given to the HR team which takes responsibility for achieving the right strategy for the whole process. This process is a time-consuming process but achieving the right strategy is very important so that the recruitment process works well.

There are two methods which are generally used by most of the organizations:-

recruitment process

  • Internal methods
    • Staff referral use
    • Succession planning of the employees
    • Secondments for the employees
  • External methods
    • Online recruitment method
    • Using the advertising media
    • Campus, Walking, Networking

All procedures like setting up teams for recruitment, analyzing job positions, collecting data available for positioning and determining recruitment strategy are involved in making proper setup to reach the final stage of selection. Right candidate

Employer looking to hire, Search for the correct candidate:

After achieving the strategy of recruitment process by the organization, the search becomes the final step. In this phase, the organization will tell that there is an open position for a specific job. Because the strategy will enable the process team to know where they need to search for candidates. According to the process, the team will find the best source, where they will find people who have enough capacity to fill the post.

In this process, the company uses its reputation to tell people about recruitments in the company. Nowadays, the most important networking or social media will enable the important part of the world to know about the job opening.

The final part comes with print-up and media advertising. Local and daily newspapers are one of the easiest ways to reach out to people and tell them about opening a job. All these processes will bring more than the expected candidates for the job.

1.Screening of applicants:

Now, here comes the hard part of the recruitment process. After the advertisement, the organization gets hundreds of candidates for the same job. If you have enough managers to interview all the candidates, then it is always good. However, companies now prefer candidates for initial screening or preliminary examination. It only helps to choose those people who are eligible for the current job.

2. Initial Interview:

The interview comes after a screening. Initially, meetings are face-to-face. However, in some cases, companies like to go with telephonic and video conversations. Candidates can ask the necessary questions related to their area.

3. Final Interview:

It depends on the number of candidates, who are shortlisted and also to hiring managers and senior management. The interview process goes on until the company does not shortlist the required candidates for the job. Top management can also be included during the final interview so that the best people can get the best job.

The final phase comes here, where all HR, Hiring managers, senior managers and top management team discuss with each candidate, who has stepped in for the final interview. During the discussion, qualifications, behaviours, and conversations such as each point of the candidate are assessed, and the final decision is taken by the top management team to obtain the best person for the required post.

recruitment process

Difference between selection and recruitment process:

1. The recruitment process is mainly the process of inventing employees and applying for jobs in the organization, where the selection process is known as the selection of the employee who successfully completed all the requirements for the situation is.

2. The main idea for the recruitment process is to identify the perfect persons for the job and on the other hand, the primary objective for the selection process is to select the eligible candidate and reject the others.

3. Recruitment is a low-cost process, where the organization has to spend a few bucks for advertising costs, where the selection process is more expensive as it involves various testing and interviews with the fees of top management experts.


This Video contains information about what is recruitment, the importance of recruitment, recruitment process and various internal and external sources of recruitment. This video is made by Mrs Shalu Pal. Hope you will like it!!

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Why is selection important? Employer looking to hire

Comparatively, if a poor hire is used while using poor selection process, along with the cost to change the job, it is also going to be affected that the bad source will be more.

The purpose of the selection is to decide on the most acceptable candidate, who will fulfil the requirements of the work within an organization, which is a successful applicant. In order to fulfil the objectives of the organization, it is necessary to evaluate the many characteristics of each candidate, such as their abilities, skills and experience, total temperament, etc. Within this process, after the removal of those candidates, the most acceptable candidate is chosen, which is generated ’empty job is not enough.

The organization needs to stick to an appropriate selection process because massive money is invested to hire an ideal candidate for a post. If a selection is not correct, then the company will be facing huge losses related to money, attempts and timings on the inclusion and training of the wrong candidate. Therefore, a selection is essential and the process should be excellent for the growth of their organization.



Benefits of selection

An excellent selection process provides the following benefits –

  • It is cheap and reduces a great deal of time and energy.
  • When applying the ideal candidate, it will help prevent any bias.
  • It will help remove those candidates, who lack understanding, skill and abilities.
  • It provides a guideline for candidates to proceed through strict verification and references.
  • It helps in comparison to various candidates related to their qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience, job outlook etc.

A great selection process helps you choose the ideal candidate for your organization.

Selection Process Steps

Since we have mentioned that selection is important for any organization to reduce the loss and maximize profit, thus the selection process should be ideal. The following ideas should be involved in a great selection process.

Employment Interview – Employment Interview is a process wherein one session is organized with the applicant to better understand one candidate. It helps the interviewer to find the right attributes of the applicant and the assistant in the right choice.

Check references – The reference check is a procedure to verify the applicant’s qualifications and experiences. This reference test helps the interviewer understand the behaviour, mentality and behaviour of this candidate as a person and as an expert.

Medical examination – Medical assessment is a process, where physical and psychological fitness of these applicants is evaluated to ensure that the candidates are in charge of the job or not. This assessment helps the organization to choose the ideal candidates who are physically fit and emotionally fit.

Closing Selection – The final selection is the closing process which shows that the applicant has become eligible during most of the selection process and will be issued the appointment letter.

A selection process with the above steps can help any organization choose and choose the ideal candidates for the right job.



I hope the concept of recruitment and selection is clear by all the above information. Should you have any inputs, you are most welcome to share your inputs in the comment below.

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