Which career to choose after MBA HR (Human Resource) 

Which career to choose after MBA HR (Human Resource) 

MBA is one of the most selected management courses in HR (Human Resources). This is a challenging and stimulating management program. The scope of MBA in HR is very demanding. As you know, human resources are the most important part of any company.

In every field, the need for human resources is increasing. You can find many jobs in this profession with a high salary package and can be successful in this field.

Human resource management definition

Human Resource Management deals with all aspects of an organization’s department. It includes recruitment, training, team building, employee welfare, wages, increases, healthy working conditions and much more.

How much is the MBA salary in India

Well, it all depends on the institution that you have completed your course. If you have done your MBA from a premium institution such as IIM, Symbiosis, you can expect the best salary offer. It can be anywhere from lacs to crores every year.

Therefore, all this depends on the institution’s recognition.


Required skills

For the management of human resources management, a person should be able to understand human relations. They have to mold the operating style according to the needs of the employees. Understand various roles and provide strategic planning through the development of people.

An HR Professional, therefore, must have the following skills:

  • Motivating skills
  • Decision-making ability
  • Good listening skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Planning skills
  • Leadership quality
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Quick learner
  • Adaptable nature


Jobs and Career

In the field of human resources management, there are various job opportunities. To manage HR activities, all organizations must hire HR professionals. Graduates of MBA HR specialization can work in industry, business, colleges and schools and in MNCs. There are enough jobs from private to govt jobs for MBA in HR in India and there are opportunities to work in abroad as well.

Which career to choose after MBA HR

After successful completion of MBA HR, one can get following posts in various places:


  • HR Generalist.

HR Generalist is an  HR manager who takes care of a variety of roles in the organization. Such as job applications, cv evaluation, selection process, recruitment planning, etc. Their salary begins around Rs.2.5 Lakhs PA in India.


  • Staffing Director.

Staffing Director takes important decisions about the management of existing employees. He/she plays a key role in the development of policies for promotion, recruitment needs, transfers, training etc.


  • Technical Recruiter.

During the recruitment process, he is responsible for testing the technical skills of the candidate and selecting those who are technically well versed.


  • Compensation Manager.

The compensation manager looks into the company’s financial affairs. Compensation managers fix the salaries of the experienced and new employees. They must examine the minimum wage law and labour laws. They also ensure that the wages they determine for employees to comply with these laws. It’s their responsibility to determine the number of bonuses and benefits to be given to employees.


  • Employee Relationship Manager.

They act as the bridge between the company and its employees or trade unions. Employee relationship manager organizes meetings for employees and trade unions. They deal with complaints and resolve disputes between the company and the employees.


  • HR Training and Development Director

Carries out training sessions for new applicants and ensures that the training process is carried out smoothly without any problems.


Salary Scale

HR is considered one of the best-paid fields in the industry. Therefore, many people want to take a course in HR Management. You can make around 3-6 lakhs per annum as a beginner on the field if you have the required skills. If you have superior training, you have the chance to make up to 9 lakhs per year.


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Top companies hiring MBA HR (Human Resource)

If you have completed your MBA in HR from top universities, you can get placed in top companies given below:







Tata Consultancy Services

Axis Bank


How much salary should I expect as a fresher in HR after graduation?

It is very difficult for fresh graduates to achieve this. There are certain observations;

  • The purpose of the freshers on very high salaries and companies.
  • There is no risk to the market.
  • Reluctant to start your carer at low wages.

The same happened to my friend when he left our business school. With the ideal MNC and dream of beautiful pay. To get something in your life, you really have to work hard.

Do not go for big names. Start your career at the place available to you first. Stay tuned with the company for some time and after some time when you learn through experiences, companies will follow you. Generally, MNC trainees employ as MTOs, trainees etc.

For this, you have to pass their tests and meet the criteria. If you get some experience, then MNC will definitely contact you because “HR is a very demanding area”.

Salary Package is 0.50 to 2.50 p.a Freshers



There are many institutes which provide quality education. Some are well recognized and have students placed in well-established organizations. Still, even if you are not from these institutes and have the calibre to excel. You may clear any HR interview questions and answers round and get a good job. It is just a matter or performance in combination with skills.

Career area of Human Resources is highly specialized, but it provides the opportunity to use both quantitative and interpersonal skills in their positions. In addition to competitive salaries, dynamic environments in which most of the human resources professionals work, human resources can have an actual value of MBA.

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