How to Introduce Yourself in an Email for a Job to Recruiter with sample

Introduce Yourself in an Email to a Recruiter: Writing a self-introduction email can be the most stressful step of your life. Is it engaging? Is it too short or too long? will the recruiter open it? will it be delivered to their email or will it trigger SPAM filters?. When you are introducing yourself via an email, the last thing you want, your introduction email going to a spam folder. Hence, you must ensure that you are checking all the right boxes. Since it is your first interaction with the recruiter, your email must be clear, precise and informative. Your email should be sent to the right person and must deliver the right information.


What is a good introduction?

good introduction is when the receiver gets a brief overview or an explanation about a topic. A good introduction is considered to be engaging, interesting fresh and informative.


Importance of Introducing yourself in an Email

 Your introduction email should be clear, engaging, positive and should include an overview of “you”. The introductory email may also include information about where you are from and why do you want the job. It is also advisable to include your current or previous work experience. However, listed below are a few things which you must consider before sending an email to Introduce Yourself to a Recruiter for a job


  1. Check all email elements

In order to introduce yourself professionally via an email, you must check all the email elements. These are a very essential part of professional email writing. These are –

  • The concise, clear and direct subject line
  • Direct greeting to the addressed
  • Grammatically correct
  • Only the required and relevant information
  • A proper and clear email closing at the end.


Here’s a tip: Want to ensure that your resume writing looks great? Use Grammarly. Grammarly will save you from spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Here’s the link to it.     


  1. Write a great subject line.

 Your email must include a proper subject line. It is always better to start with a subject line and end it with your name. As an example, you can mention “Self-introduction – Rajiv Mishra” or “Self-introduction for the position of Manager HR – Swati Sahani”.

Come up with a strong subject line. Stay within the suggested character limit. Avoid spam trigger words like work from home/opportunity/work at home, etc. If you’re replying to a job offer, make sure you use the right subject format.

Examples of Email Introductory Subject Lines

  • [Your Name] Introduction From
  • Inquiring About Opportunities
  • I Found You Through [Alumni Network, LinkedIn, Professional Association, etc.)
  • [Name] Recommended I Contact You
  • [Name] Suggested I Reach Out
  • Referral From [Name]
  • [Name] Referred By


  1. Use an appropriate greeting with the last name.

In an email to introduce yourself, you should address with the name of the person you are sending an email. “Dear Sir or Madam” is considered childish writing of a school level. As a professional approach address the email with “Mr. ……….(last name)” like “Dear Mr. Sharma” or “Dear Ms. Rawat”.


  1. Write the best opening sentence.

As we all know that the first impression gives a lasting impression. Your email here is your first interaction with the recruiter, ensure to craft a good opening sentence. It helps in setting the right tone at the beginning of your self-introductory email.


  1. Use a simple font in your email.

To ensure that your email is easy to read and follows standard practice. You must use a simple font (like Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial). Also, your font size should be easy to ready. A font size of 11 or 12-point is easily readable without having to squint and is used mostly.


  1. Clear the purpose of introducing yourself via an email.

It is for sure that you don’t want your self-introduction email to go straight to the trash folder. Hence, write relevant information in relevance to the job opening for which you are writing. Write why you have written an email to the recruiter.


  1. Convey your importance.

It is also important to let the hiring manager know, how will the organization benefit by hiring you. This is the most important part of your entire professional introduction.


  1. Ask for an interview.

After you have introduced yourself in the email body and have highlighted your positives and skills. Before you send that email, request for a face to face interview.


  1. Show gratitude.

Ending your self-introductory email with thank you will help in boosting your chances of a reply from the recruiter.

Check this study in the image to find out.

self-introductory email

self-introductory email


  1. Include a signature.

It is a good practice to use a signature with your full name, email address, and phone number. It is also advisable to include your LinkedIn profile url, for career-related correspondence. This step makes it easy for the recruiter to check your professional profile and get back in touch with you.


  1. Proofread

It’s essential to proofread and spell-check your self-introduction email prior to sending it. This is your first chance to make a good impression, and an error can give the wrong impression to the recruiter.


  1. Always Blind Carbon Copy (BCC).

It is suggested to use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature when you are sending an email. The email you will send to the addressee, you shall also receive a copy of an email and no one other than you will come to know about it. It steps also ensures that your email copy is sent successfully.


  1. Follow-up.

If you have sent an incredible introduction email and you have not received a reply, there is no harm in sending a follow-up email.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Following up on the last email
  • Just checking, if you have received my last email


How to Introduce Yourself via Email — Sample

How to Introduce Yourself via Email

How to Introduce Yourself via Email


Sample email on How to Introduce Yourself


Dear Ms. Shah,

I am pleased to share my resume and a cover letter for the position of Customer Service Representative at ABCD. I am confident that my experience background in working as a Customer Service Executive for XYZ & co. has equipped me with the skills to succeed in this position, and I am excited to submit my application for this position.

If I may provide you with any further information or if I can be scheduled for an interview to illustrate my fit for this role, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I appreciate your time.

Thanks & Regards,

Amit Verma



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Sure, you might spend hours polishing your resume and cover letter for a job — but do you give the submission email any love before hitting send?

When recruiters are sorting through applications, you want to do everything you can to stand out. The first step is sending a thoughtful introduction email. Don’t write a novel, but do write a friendly and professional “Hello” note.

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