50 Interview questions and answers for next job interview

Go through this article comprehensively to get ready for job interview questions and answers boldly and confidently.

Think about this article as your interview question study guide.

Also please make sure that you talk about appropriate skills and certifications, wherever it is needed or required.

In this article, instructions are given on-

  • How to Answer frequent asked Interview Questions?
  • What sort of income or salary do you need?
  • Are you applying for other jobs also or not?
  • Why we should hire you?

You will most likely to be asked technical questions like these only in an interview. Below are some interview question and answer on how to practise your answers for the interview.

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1 51 Interview questions and answers for a job interview

51 Interview questions and answers for a job interviewInterview questions and answers

1 – Tell me about yourself.

This question is asked normally in every interview. You have to do a little homework and need to have a small speech ready in your mind. Be watchful that it does not sound that it is rehearsed or practice. Bound it to job-related matter unless instructed if not. Only talk about things that you have previously done, jobs you have believed that speak about to the place you are interviewing for. Begin with the point furthest back and end up to the present.

2 – Why did you leave your last job?

Whatever the circumstances are, stay positive. And never talk about a major management problem you ever had and also never talk ill or say bad things about supervisors, colleagues or the organization. If you do, you are the one that looks bad. Always keep smiling and talk about a positive reason like a chance, an opportunity to do a little special or other forward-thinking reasons.

3 – Do you have any experience in this field?

In this case, speak about specifics relating to the position you are interviewing or requesting. If you have no expertise for the position you have applied, get as much close as you can or try.

4 – Why do you consider yourself successful?

You should always answer yes and explain briefly why you consider yourself success full. A good explanation is that you have set goals and met some of you and are on the way to achieving the others.

51 Interview questions and answers for next job interview

5 – What do your co-workers say about you?

Be prepared with a quote from different employees or two. Either a particular statement or a paraphrase works. “Modi, a Congress Company member of staff, always said that I was the hardest worker he ever knew. ” It’s as powerful and motivating as Rahul himself said in the interview.

6 – What do you know about this company?

This is the main reason for researching the organization or company prior to or before you go to the interview. Always find out where it was and where it’s going. What are the current problems are battled and who are the principal players?

7 – What different things you have done to improve your skill from last year?

Always try to take account of work-related improvement activities you have done previously. A wide range of activities can be referred to as positive self-amelioration. For eternity you should always have some helpful ones to mention.

8 – Are you applying for other jobs?

Be honest in while answering this question in an interview but don’t spend much time here or we can say in this question. Keep this task determined and what you can do for this organisation which will help. Anything else is uneasiness.

9 – Do have a desire to work for our company?

This is may take some thought to answer and should certainly be based on the organization’s research. Sincerity is very important and will be easily felt. obtain your long – term job goals into relation.

10 – Do you know anybody who works for our company?

While answering this question, be aware of the company’s policy on parents as it is a very tricky question. This can affect your response even if you ask about friends who are not relatives. Always be careful to mention a friend only if you think him or her well.

51 Interview questions and answers for next job interview

11 – What kind of salary do you need?

This is a trick or a question loaded on you. A nasty little game you probably will lose if you reply first. So, don’t reply. Say, instead, ” This is a tough question. And please can you tell me the scope for this spot or place? ” The interviewer will tell you in most cases, removed from the guard. If not, articulate that it can rely on the fine points of the job. Then give a wide range.

12 – Are you a team player or not?

Always say that of course you’re a team player and you can also give some examples you got ready. Specifics that often show that you perform for the good of the team rather than for yourself are a good proof of your attitude. Don’t boast; just say it in a factual tone. This is a crucial point in your interview as the start asking tricky questions about you.

13 – How protracted would you looking forward to work for us if we hire you as an employee?

Always specifics are not good here. somewhat like this have to work: ” I would like to have an elongated time or As all-embracing as we reciprocally sense that I do a first-class job. “

14 – Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel after that?

This is a very tricky question and It’s a serious question too. Do not make light of it or appear to fire people in any way. At the same time, when it’s right, you will do it. In the case of the organization versus the person who created a harmful situation, you protect the organization. keep in mind that firing is not the equivalent or we can similar as layoff or diminution or cutback in strength.

15 – What is your viewpoint or thinking towards working for a company?

The interviewer does not seek a long or floral thesis here. Are you feeling strong that the job is done? Yes, yes. It’s the kind of response that works best here. Short and positive, the organisation’s benefit.

51 Interview questions and answers for next job interview

16 – Suppose if you had an adequate amount of money to retire right now, would you retire or not?

Only respond or answer only if you would. Since you must work, however, this is the type of work you like better or always have a preference for. Please don’t say yes if you’re not talking about it or want to answer.

17 – Have you ever been asked or in a circumstance to leave your position?

If you don’t, please answer and say no. And If you have, always be honest, brief and avoid saying something negative about the people or the company or organisation concerned

18 – Please explain, on how you would you will be an asset to our organization/company.

You should be anxious about this matter or to answer this question as it is a very straight forward question which is asked in almost every company or venture. It every time gives you the opportunity to highlight your best points in relation to the position that you are discussing. And always give some thought to this relationship.

19 – Why should we appoint you?

While answering this please indicate how your assets meet the needs of the organization or company. Please do not make any comparison with any other candidates as it can give a wrong impression to the employer or the interviewer.

20 – Please tell me about a proposal you have made in your mind.

You’ve got a good one ready. Verify and use a suggestion that was accepted and considered to be successful. A real plus is one related to the type of work requested.

21 – What always irritates you about partners, co-workers or if in you are in a team?

This is a trap issue or question. Most of the interviewers get trapped in this question, you should always think ” really tough, ” but don’t get anything that irritates you. Always tell employer or interviewer a brief statement you seem to have with people is great.

22 – What are the greatest strengths?

There are many good answers, just stay positive. A few good examples:

a) prioritizing your ability.

b) Your skills for problem-solving.

c) Your pressurized workability.

d) Your potential to concentrate on projects.

e) Your professional skills.

f) Your skills in leadership.

g) Your attitude is positive.


23 – Please tell me about your dream job or the job you always wanted?

Stay away from a particular job. You can not win, you can not win. If you say it’s the job you’re fighting for, you put up with credibility. If you say it is another job, you suspect that you are not satisfied with this position when you are hired. The best bet is to be generic and say so.“A job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute, and can’t wait to get to work.”

24 – Why do you think you would do fine at this job position?

While answering this question in an interview, always give several reasons and never forget to include skills, experience, and interest which you have.


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25 – What do you like in a job?

While answering interview questions and answers, remember to stay away from a particular job. You can not win, you can not win. If you say it’s the job you’re fighting for, you put up with credibility. If you say it is another job, you suspect that you are not satisfied with this position when you are hired. The best bet is to be generic and say so.“A job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute, and can’t wait to get to work.”

26 – What kind of person you would not prefer or refuse to work?

It is a tricky question, don’t be insignificant or out of confidence. It would take disloyalty to the organization, violence or violation of the law to challenge you. Small objections will identify you as a whiner.

27 – What is more essential the money or the work, answer honestly?

This type of question can get you in think very more or can confuse you, it is obvious that money is always important, but the work is the most important. There is no better answer than giving this answer as if there is no work there is no money.

28 – Tell us what your previous supervisor say about what your strongest point is?

There are numerous good possibilities:

a) Loyalty

b) Energy

c) Positive attitude

d) Leadership

e) Team player

f) Expertise

g) Initiative

h) Patience

i) Hard Work

j) Creativity

k) Problem solver

29 – Tell us about a setback you ever had with a supervisor, ignore if not?

This question is the biggest trap of all the above and below questions of this article 51 Interview questions and answers for job interview. This is only an experiment to see if you will speak ill or bad about of your current or previous boss. And if you descend for it and tell about a dilemma or hitch with your former boss or supervisor, you may well blow in the interview right there if you are not confident. Always stay positive and build up a poor reminiscence about any problem with a superior or boss before.

30 – What has dissatisfied or feeling let down about your job?

Don’t get negative or trivial. Safe areas are few but can include:

a) A challenge is not sufficient.

b) In a reduction, you were dismissed.

c) The company didn’t win a contract that would give more responsibility to you.

31 – Tell us on your capability to exertion under pressure?

You could say that under certain types of pressure you thrive. Give an example of the type of position requested.

32 – Do your skills counterpart this job or any more job more intimately?

Probably this question is the toughest from other questions you will face during interview questions and answers round. Always keep in mind that do not give fuel to the distrust or doubt that you may want a further job more than this one.

33 – What motivates you more to do your best while doing the job?

This is a personal trait that only you can say, but good examples are:

a) A challenge

b) Achievement

c) Recognition

51 Interview questions and answers for next job interview

34 – At what time you are willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends?

This is up to you. Be totally honest.

35 – Tell us how you know you will be successful in this job or a particular position?

Several ways are good measures:

a) You set high standards for yourself and meet them.

b) Your outcomes are a success.

c) Your boss tells you that you are successful.

36 – Would you be eager to change place or reposition if necessary?

Before the interview, you should be clear about this with your family if you think that there is a chance. Expect this during interview questions and answers round with recruiterDon’t say yes to get the job if the answer really is no. This can create many problems in your career later on. Be honest and save yourself future sorrow at this point.

37 – Are you ready to put the interests of the company to the front of your personal things?

This is a very straight question to check your loyalty, honesty, devotion and commitment in you. Do not worry about the full of meaning right and truth-seeking implications. And you just have to say yes.

38 – Reveal or illustrate your approach to managing or management.

Always keep in mind and try to stay away from labels. Some of the more frequently used labels, such as progressive, salesman or harmony, can have quite a few meanings of same word or descriptions depending on which executive specialist are you listening to. A situational style is always a safe option because it says you will handle according to the situation, instead of one size fits all.

39 -What have you learned from your previous mistakes on the job?

Here, while you have to come up with something or an answer you damage integrity and sincerity which you have maintained. Try to make it a little, clever mistake with a positive message learned. If you are successful in giving an example you will be, working too far forward of equals on a project and thus throwing synchronization off.

40 – Please tell us if you have any unsighted spots?

A trick question during interview questions and answers you will face. When you know of blind spots, they are not blind spots anymore. Do not disclose any areas of personal concern here. Let them discover their own bad points. Don’t deliver it to them.

41 – If you were hiring an individual for this position or job, what would you look for and why?

Always be watchful, when to mention personality, behaviour and qualities that are required and that you have.

42 – Do you believe, that you are overqualified for this position or post?

In spite of your qualifications, always declare that you are very well qualified for the position you are interviewing for in many ways and give practical examples if you want to give.

43- How do you recommend to reimburse for your lack of knowledge?

In this case firstly, if you have experience that, the interviewer does not need to know about you or useless thing, pass that up. And then, point out if it is true that you are a very hard working and a quick learner too.

44 – What qualities do you like and want in your boss?

While answering this question during interview questions and answers round, always be generic, positive and confident. Tell, safe qualities which are knowledgeable, or a sense of humour, fair, loyal to each and every subordinate, and controller of high principles. All bosses think they have these personalities.

45 – Tell me about a time when you helped to resolve a dispute, heated agreement or disagreement between others or co-workers.

It’s a tricky question to answer, pick a specific incident to answer it. Always concentrate on your problem-solving performance and not the dispute you settled.

46 – What position or place do you have a preference on a team working on a project?

Always be honest while answering this tricky question asked by the employer or interviewer. If you are comfortable or secured in different roles, point that out confidentially.

47 – Portray your work ethic. Underline the benefits to the organization.

You can here say things like, “determination, purpose and will power to get the job completed” and “work hard but take pleasure in your work” are good.

48 – What has been your major professional frustration or regret?

When answering this question, always be confident and certain that you refer to something that was afar your control. Don’t forget to show your acceptance and no negative feelings about it.

49 – Tell me in relation to the most fun you have ever had on the job.

You can hear talk about having fun by accomplishing a little for the company or organization.

50 – Do you have any questions regarding me, ask me if any?

Always have one or two questions ready to ask the employer or interviewer. Questions relating areas where you will be an asset to the organization or the company are always good to ask. “How soon will I be able to be fruitful and dynamic?” and on what type of projects will I be capable to give a hand on? are examples for the questions you can ask.


I hope these tips on 50 Interview questions and answers for job interview must have assisted you in preparing for the interview. If you have any other questions in your mind, feel free to comment. It is great to receive questions and answers to make readers prepare for the next interview.


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