What is Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Why it is required?

Interpersonal psychotherapy is a complex treatment for mood disorders. The IPT has been tested successfully in the last years, and now by testing, it has moved to practice in various clinics and countries of the world. It can be described in such a way that psychological symptoms can be treated with others as a response to problems in our daily interactions.

Interpersonal psychotherapy

What is Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)

IPT is a form of psychotherapy that works better by doing reciprocal functions. This type of therapy now looks for problems, not to have problems in time. IPTs can be from one group to another, and this time is limited to 16 weeks.

IPT works around these areas: Grief, loss, hard daily relationships, conflict with others When people learn ways to deal with their problems in these areas, in many cases their symptoms improve.

It’s importance

IPT is an important therapy. Since the day it has been brought into practice, it has had excellent benefits for customers suffering from depression, bipolar disorder and bipolar disorder. Even though medicines can work for most or some patients, they work in the time when they are taken, but obviously, there is a limit for it. what next? Some patients can refuse to take medicines. Some can not buy them, and some do not want to buy them. It was an option to explore. Besides, now, psychotherapy is the answer!

IPT has created two major principles. First: Depression is a disease that can be cured by medicines. This is not a personal problem. This is a condition. This definition has helped greatly define the problem and the patient feels that he has a symptom, not to blame himself. Second: The conditions of our mood and life are related.

Interpersonal psychotherapy was able to link with the mood of the patient and the disturbing life eventInterpersonal psychotherapys that take to that mood swing.

Several types of research have said that depression comes after the death of a person who loves us, significant problems with our partner, career move, end of various types of relationships or a serious illness, which is We can deprive us of our activities.

Then the process of patients who blame themselves for these situations starts the process. So, what do we do in this therapy? Problems or problems have to be discovered. For example, what is depression? Was it the end of a relationship? The purpose of location treatment is to solve this troubled life event and build skills to solve it. If the patient can explain it then symptoms can be improved.

Why/who needs Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)

Interpersonal psychotherapy IPT is not for easy cases. This is not for everyone, or we can not say that it is normal.

What is this, the most commonly used treatment during the fastest phase of depression is the treatment? Not only depression. It can be used to cure anxiety, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, bulimia nervosa, bipolar disorder.

  • The IPT has been adjusted to treat patients from adolescence to old age. It is of varying ages and it can handle many individuals, men or women, adolescents, adults and mature people.
  • IPT can be used alone, with no medication. However, it is also useful in the combination of certain medicines prescribed by a doctor or physician.
  • IPT is a new psychotherapy and targets various diagnoses. Although this is the best choice for different researches for many years, now only the
  • IPT is spreading in practice. It is a treatment that is easy for a psychiatrist to learn from, but it is necessary that the doctor should feel someone because it depends a lot on him. We can say that there may be some risks of such treatment if they are not in the right hands.
  • The IPT is a great discovery and has helped thousands of people suffering from depression.


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