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IAS interview questions and answers

The IAS or the Indian Administrative Service exam is perhaps the toughest test to crack in India. IAS is the best career option for young people. However, becoming an IAS officer is not easy because millions of people take the exams and few people are elected. Therefore, I have collected answers to some IAS interview questions with the help of which you can go and be prepared. If you work hard and keep the right tactics, then you will definitely become a successful IAS and work for the Central Government or the Ministry of External Affairs.

About UPSC

The UPSC was authorized by Govt of India to conduct a Civil Service Examination( CSE) for the selection of aspirants for the 24 major posts. Of these, IAS, IPS and IFS are the three most important and prestigious services in India. Exposure in this field focuses on the IAS and IAS exams, in which collectors, commissioners, heads of public sector units, chief secretaries, a cabinet secretary, etc., many types of roles include IAS not only because of their adventure, Career options. Nature, but also due to the opportunity to bring positive change in the lives of millions of people in India.

IAS interviews are definitely the experiences you can never forget during your life. Because this is one of the most prestigious services in India. IAS questions are literally required to have your logical understanding. Therefore, the candidate should have the basis of common sense, humility, interactive skills, maturity, rationality, the presence of mind and beyond all.

Phases of IAS Exam

Phase I:

The Civil Services Examination – The preliminary examination is held every year in August, the results are generally stated by the middle of October.

It has two papers and it has a maximum of 400 marks. This is a qualifying round and the score marks have not been added in the IAS total.


Phase II:

The Civil Services Preparatory Examination is held every year in December, which passes the preliminary examination of civil service. The results of the Civil Services Men’s Examination are generally stated in March.

There are two types of papers in this stage – Eligible documents and papers for formation. The first part consists of two language examinations, one of which is the choice of the candidate and the other is English. The latter part consists of seven papers and each has around 300 questions. Mains are both essay writing and objective questions. The total score of all the letters and the score obtained directly in the interview will be used for the candidate rankings.


Phase III:

A civil service personality test is the final stage, which is usually held every year in May. Notification for this is usually published till April.

275 marks will be taken for qualified candidates in Phase III examination. It includes a psychometric test, an evaluation test and a personal interview. The marks obtained in the test will be added to the calculation for the definitive merit list declaration.

Constitutional Provisions

Tips for IAS interview preparation

1. Start the initial preparation:

Know that the undergraduate UPSC exam in any subject is the criteria for submission. Therefore, to improve the chances of breaking the exam after graduation, you start preparing while staying in college.

2. Prepare a time-table:

Do not trust the last minute preparation. Already analyze the course thoroughly and prepare a timetable that corresponds to your schedule and sticks to it.

3. Refer books:

Refer to the books recommended by Toppers to prepare for the IAS Examination. Use several sources to enhance your test preparation.

4. Prepare Note:

The key to breaking the exam is through self-study and make sure that you prepare notes when you are on it. This will help you understand the concepts better and it will also work for your modification.

6. Always stay updated with current affairs.

Apart from other topics, it is important to keep information about current affairs. Therefore, develop a habit of reading daily newspapers and magazines to be aware of what is happening in India and the world. Ensure that you have read many regional and English language papers. It gives you extensive knowledge and improves your vocabulary too.

6. Prepare question papers for last year

By referring to last year’s question papers, you can get a proper view of the scheduling of questions, level of difficulties, time management and others. It gives you an additional benefit because you can continually monitor, analyze and improve your progress in areas where you may lack it. Apart from this, getting familiar with the papers helps to overcome anxiety and increase your confidence.

7. Do not forget to work on your communication skills

One of the most important aspects of the IAS exam is face interviews. The interviewer will tell you not only on your knowledge but also how you move forward your thoughts. That’s why it is important to take the time to improve your body language, increase your trust and improve your communication skills.

8. Take a mock test

Take a mock test as a learning opportunity. The Mock Test not only helps you to understand UPSC patterns of questions but also help you practice.

9. Read Tops Interview

It is always good to follow the topper strategy to achieve the maximum success rate. See tops interviews and read your blog to plan accordingly.

10. Getting up again

You need to revise frequently to get a piece of deep knowledge in different subject areas.


Follow the above tips to prepare for the IAS interview.

IAS interview questions and Answers

Top IAS interview questions

The IAS Interface Panel now includes the specific personality of different areas and it is headed by a President. Unlike the IAS exam, there is no definite format or pattern in the interview phase, and the panel is free to ask questions from technical, academic and non-academic areas. The questions of IAS interview can be different from the subject, can be of any intensity, funny, bizarre or ridiculous.

This makes the IAS interview one of the toughest stages in the Civil Services Examination.

However, it seems challenging, but seeing that you have passed the preliminary examination and the main exam, the interview should not be very difficult. You just have to express yourself clearly, show different attributes of your personality, show your mental alertness, social label, and use the logic to provide an answer to the panel.

There are many online articles and books in the market, where you can get sample IAS interview questions and answers in English and IAS interview questions and answers in Hindi or any other regional language for better understanding.


In order to help you understand the type and style of questions asked in the IAS interview, we listed some of the following IAS and UPSC interview questions:


  1. Tell me about yourself?

This is probably the most common question being asked in almost every interview, not just for examinations by the civil service. If this question is asked, you can start with a brief background on your family, personal information, academic qualifications and professional commitments. Information should not be accurate and ambiguously compared to the summary or information provided previously for the panel.

  1. Why do you want to become an IAS Officer?

This is another standard question for IAS interview which faces candidates, whose purpose is not only to show the candidates’ objectives as an IAS officer, but there is also clarity of thinking in this regard. Although a common question is considered, it is one of the most important, because it gives a brief explanation of your passion, goals, interests and motivation for joining panelists in civil services.

It is therefore advisable that an aspirant must prepare for this question some time in advance.

  1. Tell about your positive and negative strengths.

While academic knowledge and strange mental alertness are the key elements of the basic principles of an IAS officer, integrity and integrity are equally important. The IAS Interface Panel usually not only asks this question to understand your strengths and weaknesses but also evaluates how honest you are with them.

Candidates should know that the IAS Interview Panel is composed of subject experts with extensive experience. In short, it will not be good for you to deceive them by answering gibberish or confusing answers. So, try to be honest and list your strengths and weaknesses with the logical understanding and examples as the best of your understanding.

In addition to these standards, IAS interview questions are normally random, as well. Therefore, no candidate can prepare them in advance. However, we have listed some of the different and strange questions given below to give you an original idea of what you expected during your interview with IAS.

Mock IAS Interview

By Manorama Online


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Few tricky questions in IAS interview

QUESTION 1: What would you do if I go away with your sister?

ANSWER: I can’t find you a better person than you for my sister.

QUESTION 2: Two twins born in May, Adarsh and Anupam, but their birthday is in June  How is this possible?

ANSWER: May is the name of a place.

QUESTION 3: When you get up in the morning and you know you’re pregnant, what are you going to do?

ANSWER: I’m going to be euphoric and the husband will share this news first.

QUESTION 4: How can a man live without sleep for up to 8 days?

ANSWER: A man sleeps at night and then you have to bed in the day.

QUESTION 5: Can you name Wednesday, Friday and Sunday without using a name? ANSWER: Yesterday, Today and tomorrow.

QUESTION 6: How do you leave a raw egg, it doesn’t crack on a solid surface?

ANSWER: Solid surface won’t be disturbed by the egg, you can leave.

QUESTION 7: What is the State of  Bay of Bengal?

ANSWER: the Liquid state.

QUESTION 8: What’s similar to half apple?

ANSWER: Apple’s another half.

QUESTION 9: A person has been sentenced to death. Three rooms were displayed to him. The first room is on fire, second with the murderer and the third with a tiger who did not eat for three years. What does he have to choose?

ANSWER: Room number three, because the tiger must have died without eating.

QUESTION 10: It takes 10 hours for eight people to build a wall, how many days it would take for four people.

ANSWER: The Wall s already made, so no need to build it again.


Few Difficult IAS questions

1. ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30

That’s what you got for the equation. The numbers that can be used to fill the brackets are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15. If necessary, you can repeat the numbers. The result should be thirty.

2. Jamie looked at his reflection on the 45th-floor window mirror. He made a leap across the window on the other side, driven by an irrational impulse. Yet Jamie couldn’t even find a single bruise. How could it be if it did not land on a soft surface or use a parachute?

3. By using a single straight line, make the equation correct. 5+5+5=550?

4. Birbal is a witty merchant trading in a mystical fruit far north. He travels from place to place with three bags that can contain 30 fruits each. The sack cannot contain more than 30 fruits. He must pass thirty checkpoints on his way and give the authorities one fruit at each checkpoint for each sack.

5. I bought perfume from a store and gave a rupee note of a thousand. The fragrance cost about Rs.300. Since the store has no change, he receives the change from the next store and returns 800 rupees to me. The next shopkeeper came after a while and told the first shopkeeper that the note was a fraud and took his money back. How much is the first shopkeeper losing?

6. I’ve got an infinite supply of coins. What would be the smallest number of coins needed to ensure that each coin touched exactly three other coins?

7. When you multiply all telephone numbers, what’s the answer?

8. In December 2013, an international competition will be held. The finale is between a British and an American kid. For checking purposes, only the name and date must be stated in the paper. However, when the checkers check it out, they both have the same names. The papers cannot be separate in any way now. What is the competition date?


Expected IAS Interview Questions

UPSC Interview Questions related to your personal information such as your name, place of origin, etc.

Some examples below:

  • Meaning of your name, a famous personality related to your name, etc.
  • About your career – Why do you want to become an IAS officer?
  • Education Qualification – About your subject of graduation
  • Your CS Optional Subject
  • Questions about Current Affairs and General Studies etc.


Few tips face personal interview questions 

  • Contact the eye with the interview board.
  • Do not see anywhere else during the interview.
  • There are 5 members in the interview board and you should contact each of them while answering
  • You should always have a smile and positive vibrancy in you.
  • When you sit then do not cross your arms.
  • Do not touch your face and hair
  • Sit straight and speak confidently
  • Do not lie to impress
  • Neatly dress and punctuality
  • Just be yourself.

Many candidates, especially those who first appear, lose their confidence as soon as they can not answer a few questions. Relax, the members of the UPSC board will not only test your knowledge during the interview. In fact, they want to evaluate your personality, your characteristics, your ability to work under pressure and to deal with a difficult situation.

After all, this is exactly what you will face in an intensely political atmosphere when you enter the civil service. If you don’t know a specific answer, just be polite. Don’t try to bluff or risk a guess.

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Information regarding domestic and foreign visits of Officers of UPSC
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Previous Notifications – Orders of CPIOs – Appellate Authority (July 2011 onward)


The biggest challenge for a candidate is the interview after a competitive exam, which is the turning point for his future. Well, the UPSC examination; the candidates who face the interview are very talented and have passed the most difficult examination in India. But clearing the main examination is only half a fight, as the rest is the herculean task. Interviewers also get the impression of the background of the person. Therefore, the best way to ensure success in the top level examination is to present oneself in the most honest and true way.

Before you appear for an interview, you must know the purpose of the interview clearly and understand it. The nature and type of interview vary depending on the subject. In an employment or selection interview, the objective of the interviewer, the examiner or the interview board is to assess and evaluate the suitability of the candidate for the job in hand. So prepare yourself with all given tips and IAS interview questions model and equip yourself to get success. All the best!!!

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