How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example

How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter

Cover letter meaning

Whenever a candidate is applying for a job, this question always comes in mind, how to write a cover letter for job application? right. Usually, people google it to find the best answer. We will be going in depth about all the aspects of how to write a cover letter, cover letter writing, purpose, meaning, samples, format, tips and examples for writing a cover letter for your resume with job application resume format.

The cover letter provides the prospective employer with a brief introduction to the candidate. Before applying for any job, there was a trend to send the curriculum vitae to the employer. Today, we see job seekers sending cover letters for resume along with their curriculum vitae as a way to introduce themselves to employers and explain their suitability for the position they want.

A cover letter for a resume has three categories:

  • answers to known job openings
  • inquiries about possible job openings
  • Networking that seeks information and help in the job search


What is a cover letter?

They are merely letters of introduction. You explain who you are and why you write the message to the employer.

When is it necessary?

If you do not introduce yourself personally, you must present yourself to the potential employer. Also, if you send your curriculum vitae by e-mail or send it to any of your friends, you must include a cover letter to explain yourself.


Tips for writing a cover letter for your resume

Before applying for any position in the company, follow the career and interview tips.

  • In particular, it should be addressed to the higher official of the company or organization
  • Write no more than one page
  • Use good quality paper
  • Give a brief explanation of what you offer and what you want, bearing in mind what the company needs
  • Your cover letter should convince the employer that you are the most worthy candidate for the position
  • Write short and meaningful information about the company that you know about the company
  • Use action verbs and short sentences. Do not include more than four or five paragraphs
  • Distinguish your cover letter by writing something special about you

The cover letter tips will help you write an effective curriculum vitae for your job application. Your cover letter is your marketing tool, and if written expertly, it can certainly help you.

Is cover letter writing for resume necessary?

The short answer is, yes, cover letters in today’s market are most definitely needed. A cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to a potential employer and excite them to read your curriculum vitae.

While your experience, education, skills, and achievements are in a well-designed curriculum vitae, a cover letter describes you: Who you are, what you can bring to the table and how eager you are to interview.

Keep in mind the importance of cover letter writing.

A cover letter is:

  • A sample of writing showing how well you write, or how well you don’t write if that’s the case.
  • An opportunity to tell them about any other and relevant skills and experience that distinguishes you from the other applicants.
  • A chance to say to the employer how you precisely match the job opening-you have to spell it out (and you have to!), so they don’t have to guess what your skills are. You can tell them exactly how your skills, graduation, background, and experience match the open position, the mission of the company and the culture of the company. Pull out keywords and plug them into your cover letter when you read the job description -as long as they describe your talents accurately.


Below is the job analysis data which shows the interest of the job seeker.

How to write a cover letter

Remember, the cover letter’s goal is for the employer to read, impress and move on to your curriculum vitae. If your cover letter is not impressed, they will not look at your curriculum vitae.

So YES, you need a cover letter, and without it, you can’t send your curriculum vitae! However, you’re not alone -read on to know, how to write a cover letter to impress employers and recruiters. It must be easy to understand when you create your cover letter!

The employer won’t read it if it’s too long or all one paragraph. So divide it into three short sections. In one of your parts, consider bulleting the points to grab the reader’s eye.

Paragraph 1 -Introduction

Identify yourself in terms of your field, education, background and the position you are applying. Catch the reader’s attention by using keywords directly from the job description to make this paragraph strong and relevant.


Paragraph 2-Tell about yourself

You want to tell the employer about your achievements with this specific position. Focus on what the employer is looking for -look at the job qualifications in the job posting list and report the skills you have. Be concrete!


Paragraph 3-Closing

Close the letter politically and professionally by asking about the next step in the recruitment process and expressing your desire to meet them soon.

How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter


Purpose of Cover Letter for resume

How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example

What is a cover letter’s real purpose?

For all job seekers, the answer to the question is significant. The most precise answer would be to get you a job like the grand opening act. Think as if your future employer gave you the best first impression. Without a well-written cover letter, your opening act is less than stellar in getting a job. It’s going to be either inadequate or average standards, and this puts you on the same rules as other job seekers. Without it, your curriculum vitae has no strength to strengthen it, and your chances of getting the job are significantly less.

Let’s think from the employer’s point of view. They will love and appreciate your covering letter’s effort. They will surely be attracted to you and immediately act on it. Your covering letter takes your undivided attention as it should be. You’ll be at the top of your list of future employees or perhaps the top of the list. Any opportunities to increase your job landing opportunity should be your consideration.


Purpose of Cover Letter writing for resume

There are different letters for different purposes in a professional search! There are many times when you rely on a written note to speak for you during the implementation of your full search campaign. During any phase of the process, how you present yourself on paper can make or break your success. Just think of all the different situations where letters can be useful in opening doors, creating a strong first impression and keeping your candidacy in the eyes of critical decision-makers on the “front burner.”

These includes:

* Letter replying to the announced opening

* Letter follow-up to a personal or professional reference

* Letter introducing yourself to a decision-maker * Thank you letter (after the first meeting)

* letter of monitoring (after multiple meetings/interviews)

* Response to a job offer letter etc


In general, a cover letter contains three parts-and the middle part is a kind of sales presentation.

Part 1: Introduction –

Explain why you write to the employer. Did you see a job posting; did a friend or colleague refer you; did you see one of their managers at a conference or meeting; did you read something about the company in the business press? Be targeted and use your research. Provide a sense of your knowledge to the recipient by referring to industry trends, specific events or media coverage. It is the best way to show your organization’s interest.


Part 2: Sales presentation-

Tell the employer your qualifications and give examples of your relevant experience to sell yourself effectively. The same elements that make your cover letter useful: Use words of action; be brief; be specific. Write about specific achievements and use facts and numbers to support them.


Part 3: Wrap-up and Close-

Make sure you repeat what you can do for the organization in one sentence. Wrap as firmly as you opened your cover letter. Restore your interest and why in working with the company. Combined with your company knowledge, it’s hard for an employer to resist genuine interest and enthusiasm! Close the letter by asking for an interview directly. Take responsibility for the process by specifying a time frame in which you call. Then follow up exactly as promised to show how responsible and professional you are!


Sample Cover Letter Format

How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example

[Your Name]

[Street Address] | [City, ST ZIP Code] | [Phone] | [Email]


[Recipient Name]




[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient]:


[If you’re ready to write, just select this tip text and start typing to replace it with your own. Don’t include space to the right or left of the characters in your selection.]


[Apply any text formatting you see in this letter with just a click from the Home tab, in the Styles group.]


[Wondering what to include in your cover letter? It’s a good idea to add key points about why you’re an excellent fit for the company and the best choice for a specific job. Of course, don’t forget to ask for the interview—but keep it brief! A cover letter shouldn’t read like a novel, no matter how great a plot you’ve got.]




[Your Name]



Job Interview Tips – How to write a ‘Good Cover Letter’ for a resume 





Cover Letter for job application example

How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example



28/33 ,T.Nagar,TamilNadu


Mar 5, 2019

Kennedy J

Sales Manager

JS Pvt Ltd

123 Business Rd.

Chennai -600051


Dear Mr. Kenneddy,

I wish to apply for the sales position advertised on your website


I’ve been working with Godrej & Co for the last two years. I have consistently exceeded my goals and have been recognized for outstanding service in the previous quarter. I know that JS Pvt Ltd is a company with tremendous potential as I am a user of many of your products.


I am confident that my experience, communication skills and the ability to effectively transmit product benefits would allow me to excel in the role of sales. I would be happy to talk to you about how I could be an asset for the sales team of JS Pvt Ltd. Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Respectfully yours,



Job application letter format

How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example

March 5 1, 2019


Marketing Manager

BCD Corp.

Greater Noida, UP

India, 1012000

Ajay Prakash

21, Ring Road

C.P, New Delhi 10001


Dear Mr Prakash,

I wish to apply for the marketing position advertised on Mr. ABC suggested that I should contact you, as we have worked together. He felt that I would be a good fit with your team.

For the past two years, I have been working in the marketing department for BCD & Co. I have consistently exceeded my targets, and I was recognized last quarter for outstanding service.

I am MBA in marketing with ten years of experience in branding and sales promotion activities. I am confident that my knowledge, skills, and ability to promote products effectively would enable me to excel in the marketing role.

I would be delighted to discuss with you how I might be an asset to the ABC Corp. marketing team.

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully yours,


How to write a cover letter

As you can see now, cover letters can serve many purposes-the most important of which is to “sell you” if you are not in front of the hiring manager personally. If your cover letters are correctly written, much leverage should be created in your job search. It, in turn, leads to more interviews and more job offers!

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It is mandatory to have a good cover letter to get success in getting a job. So follow the above steps on how to write a cover letter and develop a well-structured cover letter to impress the recruiters.

Many websites are available to tell you the tips for writing covering letters for the curriculum vitae? Information about career tips and interviews etc. is available everywhere and there are many samples available on the internet. The technique of writing the curriculum is getting more advanced than before. It is therefore advantageous to refer to the latest curriculum vitae. You can fully use the inputs provided to write the resume to write the highly effective curriculum vitae.

Good luck with your new job!

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