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How to introduce yourself in interview

So, congratulations. Your CV has made it secure you an interview for the job you wanted. Keep in mind that every interviewer is different. But almost all of them make some generic questions, and one of them is this one: “Introduce yourself, please !” Thus, I thought of writing this article to guide you on the importance of your self-introduction. It is important to know that how to introduce yourself in interview as this will be the first question for you.

Of course,e you have stated all your details in your resume but this first step serves as an icebreaker between you and the interviewer.

This question is also very important to understand why you are the right person for that specific job. Your aim should be to state that you are the right candidate for this position; you won’t quit shortly after being hired and that you can fit in the company culture.


Firstly, do not feel afraid from this question “Tell me about yourself”. Your interviewer/s aren’t there to frighten you.  Take it as an opportunity to introduce yourself in an interview as the perfect candidate for the position.

Make sure you will not give short, nonsense answers. Do not go unprepared. Learn from this article how to introduce yourself in interview. Come up with a structured response and believe in yourself and prepare well on how to introduce yourself in interview.

There are five important Tips for Best Self introduction in interview

We will be discussing each one of them and these will prepare you on how to introduce yourself in interview:

  1. Prepare for your response properly
  2. Be really specific about what you have achieved
  3. Be prepared for other questions coming from what you say
  4. Be honest and passionate
  5. There are some things you shouldn’t say


how to introduce yourself in interview

Let’s understand the Tips for Best Self introduction in interview:

1. Prepare for your response properly

You should talk about what other projects you have been working for. Make a summary about everything you have worked on and learn it by heart. Discuss how you have progressed in your career and how you have solved problems in your previous jobs.  But remember not to go in lots of details. And conclude it with why you are the right candidate for this job.

2. Be really specific about what you have achieved

Do not be that person that talks in general. There is no interviewer in the world that likes that. You will be a straight NO.  Every recruiter wants to hear something really specific and concrete. List all your achievements. Talk about why you made your place of work better with all your contributions. Let the numbers talk and don’t  say general things, remember that !  Talk with % or numbers, not words in this case.

3. Be prepared for other questions coming from what you say

When you start talking about what you have achieved the recruiters will want to know how you did what you did. Focus on numbers again and tell them how you achieved those results. They will be very happy with concrete numbers, and your chances will be higher.

4. Be honest and passionate

Let the interviewer know that you really want this job and that you are passionate in working in this profile. Everyone wants to hire people that are confident, and know what they want ! Be honest and talk about that you are not only capable, but also really passionate.

5. There are some things you shouldn’t say

Well, you should definitely introduce yourself in an interview , but do not spend minutes and minutes in self praising. This does not put you in a good eye with the interviewers. Remember to be honest but not to much ! You should never in any condition talk bad about your current or previous employer, or share the secrets of your previous job. Talk in a concise way, and share every skill you have that is relatable with the job. Do not go in unnecessary details like your hobbies. Remember to be professional, always.

how to introduce yourself in interview

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What to say when you are asked “Tell me about yourself for fresher”?

This the most obvious question which the recruiter will ask you. Recruiters ask this question to know about yourself. It is the beginning of the interview questions and answers round. Please be prepare this answer well before going for the interview. As an example for fresher-

QUESTION – Tell me about yourself or Describe yourself?

ANSWER – Good Morning, my name is ________ and I am currently working as ______________ at _______. My education includes__________. I believe in____________. My strengths are______. I am proficient in (your skills)____________.

Boring? Use this instead

QUESTION – Tell me about yourself or Describe yourself?

ANSWER – Good morning, I am _______ and I have come for the interview for the position of ___________ in your team/company. I have successfully completed my MBA in marketing in January 2019 with specialization in ________.

As an additional qualification, I have mastered in Microsoft excel from ______. I believe in smart work and balancing in the team with optimal distribution of work.

I am a team player and will continually look for guidance from my supervisors and team members.

Apart from this, I have represented my college in _______ and won the award. I have also trained myself on __________. I usually spend my weekend on a team sport and that is where I have learned the importance of teamwork.

I am eager to learn and develop my skills and I am confident that I will be an asset to the company.

These are just the guidelines on how to introduce yourself in interview which you can follow when you are asked “tell me about yourself”. However, you can edit and make your own statement.

To make your introduction look professional, ensure that you follow these points as a fresher:-

  • Ensure that your self-introduction is well prepared
  • It should sound professional
  • Your introduction should not look like you have done rehearsals on it
  • It’s a possibility that you have lots of points to share, however, ensure that the self-introduction is short and precise
  • Ensure that your self-introduction is grammatically correct with easy to understand words.
  • Practice your self-introduction in front of a mirror to gain confidence
  • Don’t be nervous, it is obvious that during your first interview you may get nervous. Try to control and don’t display, even if you are nervous
  • Display confidence, keep a little smile on face and look approachable to the interviewer


Tips on What to say when you are asked ” Tell me about yourself for fresher?

But what if you are a fresher? how to introduce yourself in interview ?. You probably have never done a job interview, and you have no previous experiences to talk about. Just remember these tips as a fresher –

  • Do not to talk like you are talking with a friend.
  • Show positiveness in your personality.
  • Maintain a proper voice tone.
  • Do not share personal things.
  • Share your learning.
  • Do not say things like “My mom says that…” or “I work so hard”.
  • Be honest and professional.
  • Talk with a smiling face.
  • Keep a good body posture.
  • Be focused.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Don’t recite your resume.
  • Be brief.
  • Don’t stretch your self-introduction.
  • Make the interviewer sure that you’ve done your “homework” and know what a professional interview is about.
  • Don’t highlight shortcomings of your past.

Of course, you will talk about something relatively personal, but make it sound professional. Make use of latest google updates.

For example, if you have secured an interview in a Human Relations position, you could state that: “I have no problems in communicating with strangers. I love making people happy, and I know how much you value your workers and your people” This is something personal, but stated in a professional way.



What to say when you are asked – Tell me about yourself for experienced?

Now let’s say that you are a professional or experienced professional. You have an interview lined up, what will you say when you are asked “Tell me about yourself”

Refer to this example as a guide, don’t copy, just refer and make your own. It’s a guideline you can follow to prepare your self-introduction.

QUESTION – Tell me about yourself or Describe yourself

ANSWER – Hi, I am _______. I have completed ___________ in Digital Marketing from _________ with a grade or percentage of ______. I am working as _________ in Oracle, India since.

In my ___ years of experience as a Digital Marketer, I have successfully completed more than 100 projects with complete clients satisfaction. Due to my quality work and client satisfaction, I was promoted as a ___________ in year _______. I was also nominated as employee of the month for _______.

I am a state level _____ player and I like reading _______. I am sure that I will deliver the best results while working as _______ in your esteemed organization.

Thank you!

If you look into the above statement, is has main points which a professional or even a beginner should cover in their self-introduction statement. These are-

  • Educational Details
  • Project Details you have worked
  • Recognition
  • You as an asset or the organization
  • Hobbies


Tips to Describe yourself in an interview

You must also ensure and keep in mind that the interviewer will be interviewing many candidates. Hence to make a professional statement about yourself, you must prepare your introduction as –

  • Clear
  • Complete
  • Crisp
  • Concise

The reason for all of the above-mentioned 4C is to give a brief about yourself in 2-4 sentences. However, it should cover your educational background, experience, rewards and recognition, certification and hobbies. This will give an interviewer a short and perfect description about yourself.



Remember, there are a lot of right ways to introduce yourself in an interview. The first and most important advice is to be prepared. Introduce yourself to everyone present in the room and shake hands with them firmly.  Do not give long introductions and believe in yourself.

Don’t try to put in too much information or your interviewer will start to lose interest. Remember that a  good interview is a dialogue, not a monologue.  Give your interviewer the chance to talk and ask new questions. Use latest google news to keep yourself updated. Practice in front of a mirror if necessary.  Practising your answer over and over will be the key to success, of achieving the job of your dreams.



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