What is Family Counselling? Types of counselling services, Courts & Acts

What is Family Counselling? Family counselling is a type of therapy involving the whole family, as the name suggests. The idea behind this is that families with difficulties or someone who has difficulty seeing a counsellor and therapist and trying to solve the problems together. They work on their relationships, try to improve communication and understand what causes problems in

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Guidance and Counselling meaning, difference, synonym & definition

Guidance and Counselling Guidance and counselling are two important concepts of psychology that people cannot easily discern because they both seek solutions to problems and work for human development. Although guidance is the focus on listening to the problem, on which the expert provides a ready-made solution. Counselling aims to discuss and understand the problem, to advise and empower the

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What is Individual counseling and Why it is required?

Personal or individual counseling is focused on a personal problem that begins with the most important issues and the person is mostly concerned about. Personal counseling can be daily stress, daily struggle, conflict in the family, mourning after someone’s death, through which we die, work environment, misbehaviour and so on. What is personal counseling Personal counseling is a medical session

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What is Couples counseling and Why it is required?

Couples counseling is the consultation between a professional consultant or doctor and a couple. It focuses on helping the couple who resolves their issues. You can not just make a rich relationship by fixing the wrong. However, this is the beginning. Grace does not spring with very good intentions under pressure – exercise, practice and more practice. Follow the appropriate

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