Best career objective for resume for fresher with examples

How to write best career objective for resume for fresher

A geek looking for a job need to know how to write an eye-catching resume that can earn him or her attention by the recruiters. But the difficult task is not having a previous working experience or any personal skills you possess. A career objective for resume for fresher is very important when you are writing a CV or resume as a fresh graduate.

The first statement is very important when writing a CV or resume because this will let the recruiter gain more interest in reading your CV. A career objective statement of your CV can discourage the recruiter to continue reading the CV. This might give doubt that you are the best fit for the job position.

This article will be of great help to write a good CV and increase your chance of getting a job. What is needed by the recruiter as a fresh graduate? The resume need not epistle but critical and relevant information about the profession. The most important thing the recruiter will check in your CV is your career objectives.

career objective for resume for fresher

Examples of best career objective for resume for fresher

These are an example of a statement by an inexperienced applicant for an interview.

  • I wish to be employed to a company where I can improve professionally.
  • I am searching for a company to make use of my skills.
  • I wish to prosper in a daring environment that will give me more chance.
  • With my hard work, endurance and dedication I wish to prosper in this field.
  • I seek a profitable career to use my skills for the growth of the organisation and mine.
  • I am looking for an establishment which I can help to meet its targets and goals with my skills and experience.
  • I seek an environment to develop my skills and meet my goals and the target of my employer.
  • I wish to serve your company and also need a challenging environment to develop my skills.


When asked about career objective; it’s not hierarchy levels like CEO, top-level manager etc but career objectives are some examples below.

  • Gaining new experience and skills that will benefit your carrier goals.
  • The positive atmosphere of the company that will impress to improve output.
  • To be able to learn new things and be able to adapt.


Guidelines to write best career objective for resume for freshers

The sole aim of business is profit maximisation, therefore the recruiter is less concern about your personal objectives but your skills that will help increase output.

The first thing to write best career objective for resume for fresher is to know what will interest and what will benefit the employer. From the job description posted by the employer; you can deduce the basic requirements needed to secure the job.

When you know the requirements, you need to create a fresh resume objective of yours like your experience, abilities or relevant skills, there are skills that will be useful for the employer and you as well to know whether you are the best fit for the job or not.


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career objective for resume for fresher

There are some examples of best career objective for resume for fresher to help you write a quality resume.

  1. I have a degree in accountancy and have knowledge about financial accounting. I have a desire to acquire an entry-level in accounting job position at Maclaire Bank.
  2. To secure an entry-level chemical engineer position at peak company. I have an exceptional ability to execute various tools and equipment for carrying different task.
  3. Seeking an entry-level public relations manager position at Greenfield School. I have a degree in Public relations and have the ability to relate effectively.
  4. I am an educator with a 5-year degree in Agricultural science and I am seeking an entry-level elementary teacher level at Bond Group of school.
  5. Looking for an entry-level magazine editor. Coming with a degree in English language and have skill in ghostwriting.
  6. A performance-oriented individual with a degree in Library and information science. Looking to make use of my management ability in a public library.
  7. A new graduate of mechanical engineering currently seeking an entry-level mechanical engineer position to add to the available staff strength.
  8. A sound individual with a deep knowledge of Food Processing. Looking to employ my skill as a fresh graduate of Food science and to impart my knowledge in the field of food processing and packaging.
  9. Seeking to obtain an entry-level accountant position at Whitefield business Ventures impacting sound knowledge of accounting procedures and the ability to increase efficiency at a bearable cost of production.
  10. Energetic individual with the capability to create and design eye-catching designs. Looking for an entry-level graphic designer position.
  11. A serious individual looking for an entry-level position in a Shell oil and gas company. Coming as a fresh graduate of petrochemical engineering with a year of experience as an IT student.
  12. A fresh graduate of Software systems engineering seeking a career as a Software developer in making sure system software function properly.
  13. A fresh graduate of mechanical engineering looking for a daring and rewarding job position to will give room to employ my skill effectively in an engineering position.
  14. Coming with a degree in Home economics and extraordinary skill in interior design. Seeking an entry-level interior designer at Zenith Hotel.
  15. A result-oriented individual seeking for an entry-level Aeronautic engineer positing with Arik Airport. Coming with a degree in Aeronautic engineering and a year of experience.
  16. Looking for a Marketer position at Apex Bank. Coming with a degree in Marketing, a year experience and skills in sourcing for potential customers.
  17. Seeking for an entry-level high school teaching position at Rockfield school to utilize my teaching abilities that facilitate easy learning.
  18. Wish to occupy an entry-level assistant medical doctor position with a degree in Mbbs and 1-year experience in paediatric.
  19. A goal and detailed-oriented individual with a master degree in Veterinary medicine. Looking to apply my knowledge, skills and ability in a sound and well setup veterinary hospital to ensure proper health care for animals.
  20. A fresh graduate of industrial chemistry seeking an entry-level to a Prime refinery. Seeking a chance to apply my knowledge and skills to the refinery of crude oil.
  21. Looking to work as a fresh graduate in a modernised organisation. Seeking an opportunity to work as a secretary.
  22. A fresh graduate of metallurgical engineering seeking entry-level to a steel rolling company. Seeking an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge.



Career objective in a resume is very important. It not only shows your aspirations but also the aim and goal of your career in your life. For a fresher, it is important to show what he wants to be and what he wants to achieve. It gives an employer an opportunity to get an overview of the candidate.


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