Career Objective for Graphic Designer for Resume | Skills & Sample

It is the first responsibility of a Graphic Designer to make, and style graphics for logos or packaging supported the requirements of the corporate hiring your services. Your resume objective should indicate that you possess both artistic and collaborative qualities to meet the needs of the business adequately. If you’re writing a resume or CV for a graphic designer job, you’ll start it on a robust footing by having an efficient career objective for graphic designer in a resume.

The best career objective for graphic designer resume can assist you to right away grab the eye of the employer to read the full content of your resume and possibly grant you an interview.

career objective for resume for fresherWhen it involves designing your ideal career in a creative industry, a mesmerizing resume is one among the keys to success. If you would like to impress the recruiting managers and stand out against the other candidates, you ought to aim to showcase your skills and achievements while adhering to best writing practices.

In this article, you will learn the following –

  • What are graphic designing and its objectives?
  • What skills do you need to be a graphic designer?
  • What should a graphic designer put on a CV?

What are graphic designing and its objectives?

A Graphic Designer is a designer who conveys a message through visuals to its viewers. A graphic designer’s career is mainly to market a product or a service. These products and services are designed to convey the message of the advertiser or a conveyer to the audience.

As a visual artist, the picture designer usually works out of a comparatively functional perspective. Unlike visual artists that market famous artworks to private buyers, a graphic designer will market images which function in a commercial or a different demonstration circumstance, often utilizing a mixture of painted or drawn and computer-generated artwork.

A graphic designer may work for a larger graphic design firm, or he or she may freelance as an independent contractor for multiple customers. Realistic design solutions are valuable to any business or business with visuals in any medium, from print into the Internet, tv or other social networking.

Graphic Designer Resume Skills

As a graphic designer, if you are writing a career objective or a resume objective, below mentioned are skills examples which you may consider adding:

  1. Product packaging.
  2. Efficient in Adobe Suite.
  3. Time management skills.
  4. Effective designer.
  5. Proficient in various designing applications
  6. Good designing speed
  7. Multitasking abilities.
  8. Skilled in both the Mac and Windows environment.
  9. Effective communicator.
  10. Creative thinker.
  11. Effective leader.
  12. Able to work solo or as part of a team.
  13. Experience in designing branding packages, marketing materials, banners, and logo design.


Graphic Designing Skills for Career Objective

Graphic Designing Skills for Career Objective

Career objective for resume for fresher in graphic designer

If you are in the field of graphic designing and are a fresher, then you will have to write the best career objective for a graphic designer. You must know that writing a useful resume objective for graphic designer will attract the recruiter. There is also a good chance of you getting a good response.

An objective career statement on your resume can give you an edge and enthusiasm to the employer. The recruiter may go ahead and read the entire CV. You might be called for a face to face interview. You then have a bright chance of cracking the interview with the recruiter.

As a new designer or a fresher in graphic designing, you have an option to showcase your work through an online portfolio.


Example of a freelance graphic designer resume experience section:


Freelance Graphic Designer

July 2020‒December 2020

New Delhi, India

  • Designed logo for Jobseekh, New Delhi, India.
  • Received designs award for the best jersey design, December 2020.
  • Designed brochure for wans, Jobseekh, Paypal.


Graphic Designing is currently the most in-demand profession. As it is evident for the company to come up with effective multimedia content. Similarly, you should put deeper thoughts in crafting the best Graphic Designer career objective for your resume. This will help you in getting a competitive advantage over the other applicants for the same job.


Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Sanjay Sharma

Address: 414, DLF Phase 3, Gurugram, Haryana.
Phone: (+91) 312 8703 Email:
Current Job: Lead Graphic Designer,
B&H, Kolkata, WB.

Career Objective

At 25, I have already amassed multiple years of experience as a Graphic

Designer because this is my passion in life. As an artist who is a certified in Adobe premium and photoshop, I hope to eventually become the new Graphic Designer for jobseekh and share my creative experience with your highly respected team of marketers and existing graphic designers.


Graphic Designer Resume Format

In our Graphic Designer resume sample example, we have used the following:

  • The contact Information
  • Career Objective for graphic designer
  • Skills
  • Relevant work Experience
  • Educational qualification
  • Personal Information


Graphic Designer Resume Writing Tips

Prove the Potential employer that There’s More for you than Simply being a great Graphic Designer. While everybody else will be saying that they –

  • Conceptualized layouts for customers.
  • Ran different graphic design applications as requested by the business.
  • Employed various tactics to create designs for conventional and electronic marketing materials.

You should go the extra mile by differentiating your own job from one employer to the next.


Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example:


Sanjay Sharma
Mob : +919191919100
Email: Sanjay.sharma2020@

Since I think in myself of becoming enthusiastic and creative about designing, I am searching for great career development opportunities where my ability and knowledge might be greatest exposed and used as a way to provide my best for your pride and enthusiasm for your business and for individual development.

– Bachelors in commerce from DAV College, Bengaluru.
– Certified in SQL from NIIT.
– Diploma in Graphics Design and 3D animation from Graphic Era Institute, Dehradun.

B.Com (Bachelor in Commerce) from DAV college, Bengaluru under the Indira Gandhi Open University, Bengaluru with 77.7% in the Year 2014.
High-Secondary (10+2) from Bengaluru, Board of Secondary Education K.A., with 1st division in the Year 2011.
High-School (10th) from Bengaluru, Board of Secondary Education K.A., with 1st division in the Year 2009.

Concepts: Brochures, Visiting Cards, Posters, Logo Designing, Sketching.
Software Packages: Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Corel draw, PRO -E 4.0
Language Proficiency: English, Hindi, Tamil (Verbal & Written)

ACADEMIC PROJECTS MAJOR PROJECT: Adjustable Multifunctional Wheel Chair – Automation of straightforward wheelchair is completed to convert into bed like a stretcher and the other way around by the assistance of link pair mechanism attached with one another which takes power manually.

– during this project, we’ve used the mixture of CAD (Computer-aided design), CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing), CAE (Computer added engineering) technology and pneumatic power. The designing part has been administered on the CAD software that’s Pro/ ENGINEER and for analyzing Pro/MECHANICA is directly integrated for the automation purpose.

MINOR PROJECT: Study of Ball Turning Attachment – Analyzed fundamental design of a gearbox of a vehicle

Industrial Training of seven days from Force Motors Ltd., Pithampur, Indore. Industrial Training of 1-month duration from Hyundai Motors India Ltd., Irrungattukottai, Chennai in the year 2012.

Father’s Name: Mr Diwaker Sharma
Date of Birth: 03 October 1988
Hobby: Sketching, dancing and singing.
Address: 414, DLF Phase 3, Gurugram, Haryana

Contact No.  : +919191919101


Career Objective for Graphic Designer  

Career Objective for Graphic Designer


Best career objective for Resume Graphic Designer

What makes your resume to stand out and get noticed is a properly optimized resume. You have to sell yourself through your resume to the employer. It is not only about mentioning the skills, abilities, experience or knowledge, but also, to say these characteristics properly. The best career objective of graphic designer displays the match of requirement and your skills for a job. When both matches, you have a better chance of getting that job.

Below are a few examples of career objective for fresher and experienced graphic designers, which can be used in your resume:

  1. Incredibly skilled planner with five years involvement with marking, web, and print structure in two offices looks for things of the visual architect during a quickly developing organization, to convey top-notch ventures hooked into current patterns in plans and norms.
  2. Trying to find the activity of a Graphic Arts Designer at ArrowPath Inc. To use two years’ involvement with business art and therefore the capacity to be viable in an exceptional world of politics overseeing contending cutoff times and wishes, in the build-up the fundamental structures to assist the execution of the association’s projects.
  3. An exceptionally imaginative individual with five years print plan and bundling experience, even as leading-edge aptitudes in most up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Acrobat, Illuminator, and InDesign looks for things of Graphic Designer at YYY Inc. to assist in creating and actualizing imaginative structures for bundling and different materials for successful correspondence.
  4. A significantly skilled individual with the capacity to convey spotless and great plan following brand rule and existing style guides wants the activity of a Graphic Designer during a face-paced generation condition, making visual language, rules, and concepts for the organization’s image.
  5. To accumulate the operation of a Graphic Designer with any Company where capability in advanced structure, essential information on email plan, HTML, and CSS, and three years involvement with a shared situation performing realistic planning obligations are going to be maximally applied in making, introducing, and delivering imaginative answers for accomplishing the organization’s interchanges objectives.
  6. Profoundly skilled practical master looks for the activity of a visible creator with any Inc. Accompanying Adobe Creative Suite capability and two years working involvement with a structured job during a distributing organization; to be engaged with conceptualizing, planning, and making visuals for organization’s promoting accomplices hooked into their visual image rules.
  7. Looking to function as a Graphic Designer during a quick-paced, developing organization were five years of visual, web, and telephone planning experience are going to be applied in making amazing print pieces.
  8. Uncommonly capable structure mastermind with the large capacity to form convincing plan arrangements crosswise over different media stages to satisfy organization brand targets and purchaser commitment search for things of Senior Graphic Designer.
  9. Craving to fill in as a Graphic Designerxxx. Where three years experience conceptualizing and executing a good assortment of showcasing materials, brand personality, unique battles, publicizing, and deals guarantee for medium to large organizations are going to be successfully applied.
  10. Accompanying three years of experience performing proficient visual depiction capacities, including computerized modifying, filtering, compositing, and shading rectifying, a talented creator looks for the activity of Graphic Designer during a manner office to offer quality help to Senior Designer and Artistic Director.

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Beginning your resume with a convincing career objective will help its quality and lift your possibilities of receiving the graphic designer job that you only are applying. You’ll rapidly study the way to make the best graphic designer objective for your resume or CV by using the examples and thoughts given during this post as we discuss all the goals that are good to urge employment within the graphic design field. Starting your resume with a compelling objective statement will boost its quality and increase your chances of getting the graphic designer job that you only are applying.

You can quickly find out how to form a great graphic designer objective for your resume or CV by applying the samples and concepts provided during this post.

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