How to Prepare for a Career in Fashion Journalism

With the Vogue dream in mind and the glitz and glamour that surround the industry, it is no wonder a career in fashion journalism is so sought after. But along with the celeb mingling and backstage passes comes a high reliance on luck, contacts and your ability to shine in order to break into the

A career in Fashion Journalism

Career in Fashion Journalism

Career in Fashion Journalism

More media = more opportunities

Fashion journalism is no longer centred on writing features for magazines and newspapers, but now includes a variety of possibilities. In addition to writing and editing, you are open to photoshoot styling, public relations work, researching, interviewing and designing. The numbers of media outlets have also increased beyond just writing for print, to online magazines, websites, television and blogs.

Even with the additional options, fashion journalism remains an increasingly competitive career to enter and takes a lot of preparation. But
if you’re ready to put in the hours, hard work, and a little free labour, you can certainly make your way to the top. Here’s how:

Know the trade

It’s not absolutely essential to have a journalism degree–you can work your way up through gaining work experience and building contacts. But whichever path you take, it is vital to know the trade. Study the ins and outs of design houses, brands, and current trends so you can shine when your time comes.

Read, read, and read!

You can never do too much reading. Any spare time you have, pick up your favourite fashion bible or a history of a fashion book and ensure you read the newspaper daily. Browse different publications, including men’s magazines like GQ or Esquire, as reading different sources and styles is key.

Organize placements and internships

During a placement at Closer, I asked the fashion editor how to succeed in the industry and she replied, “Work experience, work experience, work experience!” You have to expect long hours, expensive travel costs, and no wages, but it is crucial in order to succeed in fashion journalism. Read
the secrets of how to become an intern here.

Build contacts

Contribute to as many publications as you can. Find out who the editor is, pitch an idea and get your articles published. Writing for different publications will give you insight into the industry and help you build your portfolio. There are hundreds of sites looking for guest writers, but be prepared to do so for free.

Showcase yourself and your work

Create a source whereby potential employers can view your work. When you apply to write for publications, they will ask to see samples or your website. Blogging is a popular and social alternative to display your writing style and interests, and it’s a great tool for networking.

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Fashion journalists typically need a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as communications, journalism, or fashion and experience and a portfolio are key.

Fashion is a rapidly changing industry, so candidates must stay up to date on designers, textiles, accessories, and new technologies. Journalists may regularly read fashion magazines, trade publications, and blogs to discover what’s happening in stores and on runways around the world.

Career Requirements for Fashion Journalist

Degree RequiredBachelor’s degree
Degree FieldsJournalism, English, communication, or a fashion-related field
ExperienceSeveral years of journalism or fashion experience
Key SkillsExcellent written and oral communication skills; people-oriented personality, good computer and publishing skills; understanding of the concept of blogging and social media


This is an ideal career for people with the ability to conduct confident candid interviews. One needs to have the ability to write and research effectively. People with editing skills are generally preferred to become You will be preferred as a fashion journalist, if you have editing and people skills.


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