What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

Many people will find themselves in a different area of their life as a counselor, although they do not even consider the concept of career counseling or do not realize what is required of the role of a professional counselor.

The difference between a professional counselor and a person, which only applies to some counseling techniques as part of their role, i.e. practice as a co-worker or friend is very big.

A highly skilled trained person, who is skilled enough to implement a variety of consulting approaches with his clients, can be considered as a professional consultant. The concept of career counseling and the role of a counselor are defined in this page.

What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

What is a Counseling and Career counseling?

Counseling is a pure form of aid, a scientific process that is provided to a needy person by an expert. Two people are connected to the counseling process, in which a person (counselor) tries to help others (the council or client) to enjoy the exact form of happiness by aligning them properly in the state of life. In other words, this is ‘self-realization’ for the counselee or customer.

Concepts of providing professional assistance and guidance in solving personal or psychological problems

Career advancement is more than just selecting one major and in fact what you want to achieve after graduation. This is actually a lifelong process, which means that you can change the scenario throughout your lifetime, the scenario will change, and you will always have the choice of career and lifestyle choices.

The purpose of career counseling will not only help you in making the decisions you have made today but instead you have to offer knowledge and capabilities to build future career and lifestyle choices.

Counseling is:

• The process that occurs when a counselor and counselor sit together and find out the difficulties that can be a customer’s emotional or stressful situation.
• See help ‘process, which enables the customer to see things from different perspectives, enables the customer to focus on behaviour, experiences, or emotions with the aim of accelerating positive changes.
• A relation of trust The most important aspect of confidentially effective consultation is. Professional counselors will usually give a disclosure about their policy on privacy. However, it is necessary to disclose the information of the law, if they believe there is a risk to the customer’s life.

Counseling is not:

  • To give advice
  • An estimate
  • Trying to fix the client’s problem
  • Encourage or expect a customer to behave in a certain way because counselor can work in his own life in the same way if he challenges with a similar problem.
  • Emotionally involved with the customer.
  • Given the client’s issues, the perspective of self is created with its own value system.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

•Both ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘counseling’ are used to describe the same process.
•Both conditions are related to overcoming personal difficulties and starting positive changes.
•Counseling is a helpful approach that insists on the client’s emotional and intellectual experience related to the customer’s feelings and their specific problem.
•However, psychotherapy is an approach to counseling based on psychotherapy, which encourages the customer to remember his past experiences and find out how these past experiences affect their current ‘problem’.

Therefore, a psychiatrist assures the customer to focus on those experiences that were previously unknown. However, the counsellors are not much concerned with the client’s past experiences and are using most customer-centric therapy techniques, which they are usually trained in the humanistic perspective.

Types of Counseling

What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

Counseling can be started in various ways. Instead of some others you may find it more useful or attractive, or may be suited to a particular problem, which you want to solve. However, research shows that the development of the relationship between the client and the counselor is more important than any method that can use effective counseling.

Types of consultation proposals include:
• Personal Counseling
• Reciprocal therapy (IPT)
• Counseling for depression
• Short psychotherapy therapy
• Integrated Consultation
• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• Post-traumatic stress counseling
• Career Counseling
• Counseling for sexual abuse and rape
• Counseling for abuse and addiction
Couples Counselling


The Role of the Counselor

Counselor believes that no two people are alike. No two people understand the same language in certain ways: their understanding will always depend on their perception as the situation is linked to their personal experience of the world.

Therefore, it is essential that the counselor does not inspire the customer to fit into his idea of what he should be or how he will react with the situation.

In order to detect different aspects of the client’s life and feelings, the counselor encourages the primary role to be more extroverted by taking them open and free with them. It is impossible to make family or friends in such a way because they are emotionally involved and can be an obstacle to the success of their opinions and prejudice counseling.

What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

During the counseling session, the counselor is not required to be emotionally involved with the customer. During counseling, the counselor will not give or offer any advice to the client. The counselor creates an atmosphere for the client to express complex feelings of guilt, anger, resentment or fear in a confidential environment.

The counselor encourages the customer to study some parts of his life, which can be difficult or difficult to face first. From the study of early childhood experiences, some aspects may be discovered that why does a person react or react in a given situation in a similar manner? The most likely direction of prospective guides is to increase customer behaviour.

Effective counseling enables the customer to make a viable decision by reducing confusion, due to which positive attitude changes in their attitude /behaviour. Working on behalf of ‘advising’ or someone else is not effective counseling. The main purpose of the advice is to help the customers to make their own decisions and react with the situation accordingly.

Counseling Skills

What is career counseling, Types and the role of a Counselor?

Communication skills are really the most important for counselors and other skills that we also cover next pages with effective inquiry skills, active listening, explanations and reflections.

Counselor’s first attempt is to make some synergy with his client, but not to the extent that he individually engages in them emotionally.

Consultants should be sympathetic rather than sympathy (feeling sorry for the customer), who help them to ask the appropriate questions and take the client to creative conclusions.


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The counseling process can be beneficial in solving the problems of the client, following careful planning of unbiased views without making unnecessary hasty decisions. Career counseling really helps the customer to be more confident, enhances their productivity and at the top of them helps them to behave sensibly in a particular situation in their daily life. It is indispensable that effective

Career counseling requires a professional, qualified specialist consultant, who is able to establish a well-balanced synergy with the customer, the main mantra of advice through effective communication. Apart from this, the positive attitude of the counselor should be maintained during counseling to achieve positive, lasting results.


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