Business professional attire for women & types of dresses for an interview

Women empowerment in India

No matter how much you are educated or how much you have knowledge and experience, your dress in the first impression in the mind of the interviewer. It is essential to wear formal or professional look in the interview because this dress will show your leadership quality as well as your seriousness towards the company and your work. And that type of dresses as business professional attire for women in a job interview is quite different from men.

Yes, you can impress your interviewer with your good look and proper dressing sense.

We all know that the interview is the nerve-wracking moment and that you want to look best to give your best in the conversation. It is really too simple when there is the company mentions any dress code for female in a job interview for the interview, but when you need to choose you then it becomes too hard, but in this article.

We will tell you the best dress code through which you can make a great impression in front of your interviewer.

So, here is some types of dresses as business attire for women for a job interview:

Women empowerment in India

Business Professional attire for women entrepreneurs

Business Formal Wear

1) Wear suits

Suits are one of the most common and proper dress codes for female. If you do not have much idea about the companies like the companies’ conservatives with a dress code or not then put the suits as your dress code. Costumes are the best types of dresses as business attire for women in a job interview as it gives classy as well a professional look to every female.

With suits, you can wear formal pants, but most of the conservative companies usually prefer skirt so, you can wear a dress with your outfits. It will be best for you. Chose only that suits which are not flashy or do not fit on you and also try to select the suits in simple as well as in dark color like black, brown, etc. wear the good quality suits and you can also wear branded uniforms if you can afford.

The standard size of the skirt is below the knee, but many women like to wear a dress below the knee level so, if you are one of them then we will suggest you to not to wear the puffy or flowy dress.

2) Wear simple clothing:

If you are wearing the skirt for your interview then first you need to select the decent color of the skirt like black, brown, white, etc. do not wear a puffy dress or long skirt which will look like ethnic wear. So, wear the dark and straightforward color skirt with knee-length pencil skirt which is accepted as a professional dress code.

3) Trousers and palazzo:

Palazzo and trousers work well with formal dress and also these two outfits can come under professional wear so, wear dark and straightforward color trousers and Palazzo for your interview.

4) Shirt or top:

You can wear any of the shirts which are in a light color. You can wear half sleeveless or full sleeves shirt. Avoid print color shirt, bright color shirt or anything which will not suit the professional dress code.

5) Sweaters and cardigans:

Sweaters and cardigans are essential in winter wear so if there in winter season then you can wear sweaters and cardigans in dark color like brown and black colour. You can also wear jackets if there is so much cold at your place.

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Traditional wear as professional business attire

1) Indian suit:

Light and straightforward colour suit are very good for the female candidate. It is also one of the best types of dresses as business attire for women in a job interview as it gives dull, professional as well as best look to every female.

If you are wearing an Indian suit then don’t wear animal or fancy print suits, bright colour suits, extra lose or tight fighting suit. Bright and straightforward colour or dark colour suits will be best for any job interview.

2) Saree:

Saree is also accepted as a professional dress code so; you can also choose saree for your job interview. Wear cotton saree with solid or pastel colour, which will give the best professional look for your job interview.

Casual or business casual shoes for women

Someone said that footwear gives the best personality to any person, so, you need to choose perfect and best footwear along with your dress.
Business Shoes: If you are wearing suits, skirt or pants, then shoes will be the best option for you.

Choose the shoes in black, grey, blue and dusky pink colour which will give you the best look. The low look gives you an impressive look so; try to wear shoes with a low heel.

Heel sandal:

heel sandal gives an impressive look when you are wearing Indian suits or saree. You can also wear them with pants and outfits, but shoes are best for them. If you can’t carry heels then you can go for flat sandals it will also be best for your professional look but don’t choose a glittery shoe for the job interview.

Professional Accessories for an Interview

Accessories are an essential thing, but you did not carry all your accessories for your job interview. Here are few accessories which are necessary to wear for the types of dresses as business attire for women in a job interview to give complete professional look so, the accessories are:

Professional Accessories for an Interview


Handbag is very important for every woman to keep some essential things on it. The hand band gives you a complete professional look if you have some decent and pure colour of the handbag. Choose the medium size of the purse in which you can keep your documents and necessary things which you generally required. Avoid glittery colour bag, big bag, and an extra small bag.


The watch helps you to give the perfect look so, chose classy watch no matter you are wearing suits or saree the watch will always suit you. So, don’t forget to wear the classy and branded watch.


If you are wearing a shirt and skirt, then you did not need any jewellery, but if you are wearing suits and saree, then some light jewellery will give you the best look.

If you are wearing jewellery then do not wear heavy jewellery as you are going for the interview, not for any ceremony so, you can go for light earring, light chain and one or two bangles or bracelet in your hand. If you carry sindoor, then you can go for it.


if you are wearing trousers or pants then wear a strap on it as will give a complimentary look to your professional look.

Professional Hair and makeup for an interview

Women’s has thousands of hairstyle and thousands of way to do makeup, but when you are going for the job interview, then you have a limited number of hairstyle and makeup. So, here are some style and makeup tips which are suitable for your professional look.

1) Minimum makeup:

You can apply minimum makeup on your face. First, wash your face gently. Then try primer, you can use Aloe Vera gel as a primer. Now use sunscreen on your face. You can apply the minimum amount of foundation and face powder on your face.


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Try to use bright colour lipstick by avoiding dark colour lipstick. You can also use mascara and Kajal as well as eyeliner on your face if you like.

2) Nail paint:

If you are wearing Indian suits or saree, then you can go for some light colour nail paints otherwise use neutral colour or transparent nail pant. Avoid dark colour or bright colour nail paint if you are going for an interview.

3) Hairstyle:

There is some beautiful hairstyle which you can wear during the job interview.

  • Low ponytail:

A low ponytail is very good when you are wearing suits and skirts and a shirt.

  • Whole bun:

If you are wearing saree, then you can make the entire bun which will fit entirely on your saree.

  • Tie half hair:

You can also go for half tie with simple hair accessories when you are going to wear Indian suits or saree. This will also give your perfect look. Avoid so many accessories on your hair.

Points which needs to remember while dressing for an interview

Nice and clear outfit:

dirty outfits can give you the wrong impression on the interviewer so, if you are going for the interview then you need to wear nice and clean gear. Make sure you are well dressed.

Avoid wearing unusual shirt:

Do not wear a sleeveless shirt or printed shirt. It would help if you also avoided sleeveless courts or suits as it gives a casual look, not professional looks.

Mild deodorant or perfume:

Yes, many people love to wear heavy perfume, but it makes you weird so, you need to wear light and gentle perfume or deodorant. Yes, you can’t avoid deodorant or perfume as it is essential for you as it keeps you away from the bad smell which comes out from body sweat so, never forget to wear good quality of deodorant and perfume.

Clean your hair:

You need to wash your hair before one day of the interview date. Make sure that your hair is clean as well as look fresh at the time of interview. New hair means you do not look like you have come without combing your hair. So, make sure your hair is clean and well groomed.

Avoid flashy accessories:

Flashy hair accessories can give your wrong impression so, wear dark and straightforward accessories on your hair.

Clean your nail:

Dirty nails look bad, and it shows your unhygienic nature so, make sure that your hair is clean and well shaped. Please do not keep the too long pin on your hand as it comes under the bad habit.

Have fresh breath:

Make sure that you have fresh breath yes, a bad smell can feel you weird as well as give you wrong impression so, make sure you have brushed your teeth before going for an interview and also do not eat anything which can give you bad breath and also avoid smoking before a meeting.

Don’t wear too much jewellery:

As we have earlier said that do not wear so much jewellery keep yourself simple as much you can to give a realistic look.

Do not wear jeans:

Jeans never come in professional dress code as it always comes in casual wear so, if you are going for an interview, make sure you are not going to wear your jeans.

types of dresses for an interview

Points to be noted to make a difference in an interview

• Types of dresses
• Business formal dresses
• Business professional attire to impress the interviewer
• Business casual shoes can be worn
• Business attire for a group interview
• Dress types for women
• Business casual jeans for women
• Women business suit
• Business casual shoes for women


The meeting is the like a test which you have to qualify to get the job according to your desire, but you may feel that there are lots of dressing rules in the interview, but almost all companies accept the above dress code for an interview.

It is said that the first impression is the last impression so, while going on the interview, you must be prepared so, that you can impress your interviewer by both i.e., by expressing knowledge and your personalities.

Many of the companies are there who hire the employee because of their characters so; you need to be careful of your first interview.

Above we have listed best and universally accepted types of dresses as business professional attire for women in a job interview so, before going on the meeting, please be prepared to give your best.

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