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What is a Paymanager? How to Download Pay Manager Pay Slip?

Office Tips

What is a Pay Manager Paymanager is the payment bill preparation system that means for Rajasthani government employees. It provides a common and integrated platform for employee wage billing. The program not only provides facilities...

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Why should you be hired for this internship? Answer the correct way

Career Tips, College, Interview

"Why should you be hired for this internship?" - is a question that tends to make most potential interns run out of light. It is true that it is difficult to answer. Most candidates cause...

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What is a Biodata and what is the right format? Where is it used?

Career Tips, Resume

You have probably heard of the term’s CV and curriculum vitae. These are special documents that are used when applying for a job. But they are not the same and each has its own limits...

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