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What is a Notice, How to Write Notice Writing Letter format? Short Tips

Office Tips

There are many ways to let people know about a certain event. Advertisements are the most common way to spread information. Information about what has happened, what is going on and what is going to...

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How to Answer Interview Questions with Logic & confidence


How to Answer Interview Questions There is no top secret that employers or interviewer akin to appoint people/ interviewee who are confident in answering the interview questions. But How to Answer Interview Questions? And what...

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What is the scope for jobs in USA after MS in CS?

Career Tips

Scope for jobs in the USA after MS in CS The basic idea of going to the US is to get a better quality of life, no matter in which you originate. Having said this,...

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How to write a cover letter, purpose, meaning, tips, format, example

Cover Letter

How to write a cover letter Cover letter meaning Whenever a candidate is applying for a job, this question always comes in mind, how to write a cover letter for job application? right. Usually, people...

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What is Family Counselling? Types of counselling services, Courts & Acts


What is Family Counselling? Family counselling is a type of therapy involving the whole family, as the name suggests. The idea behind this is that families with difficulties or someone who has difficulty seeing a...

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Guidance and Counselling meaning, difference, synonym & definition


Guidance and Counselling Guidance and counselling are two important concepts of psychology that people cannot easily discern because they both seek solutions to problems and work for human development. Although guidance is the focus on...

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